The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

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With 30 STEEM and a number of SBI shares to be won - sign up, engage, and win! 🎁

Welcome to the Engagement and Curation leagues. How does your engagement on Steem compare against others?

This weeks Post is sponsored by @esteemapp - A mobile and desktop app for Steem.

Thank you for your sponsorship @esteemapp!

League Info

Would you like to enter the leagues? Make a comment below - this is for a lifetime membership and so you will need to ask to be removed.

The league tables are reset each week and so any time is a good time to join!

The Engagement League

This league is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - including those powering down or dealing in delegations over the past couple of weeks.

I've used some metrics relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Number of people spoken to (PS)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
  • Up-votes to others (V)
  • Up-votes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - No minus score but no bonus STEEM (S V)

Note: Copy/Paste comments will be excluded!

Engagement League Table

Firstly, if you are placed in the table above then you among the top 15% of the league entrants!

  • 334 accounts earned a score this week (347 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 1006 top level posts (1031 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 8740 comments (9271 last time)
  • The top 100 produced over 1.66 million characters of text in comments (1.71 last time)
  • The top 100 cast 31696 votes (35005 last time), of these, 335 were self-votes (299 last time)

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner:

@johannpiber ! 🏆

Clear at the top of the Engagement League this week with an impressive 188,000 characters of comment text, well done @johannpiber!

@bearbear613 leads the chasing pack in 2nd and the ever consistent @chireerocks earns another 3rd place.

Excellent engagement levels also from @brittandjosie, @wakeupkitty, @mad-runner, @metzli, @wwwiebe, @abitcoinskeptic, and @tarazkp who will all be receiving some STEEM this week.

Those without a self-vote and placed in the top ranks will also receive a little STEEM. These people are: @alokkumar121, @crypticat, @riverflows, @mariannewest, @traciyork, @sunlit7, and @bozz.

Well done everyone!

The Curation League / Rewards based

NOTE: If you have started a power-down or been involved in delegations in/out of your account, you will not appear on this list for 15 days following the activities above. Thanks!

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools, including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

🎁 Prizes 🎁

The Engagement League

0 votes to self - Spot Prizes

Lucky numbers

The list is ordered by the date that sponsor first offered a prize for their lucky number.


A big thank you to all the sponsors and well done to the winners!

If anyone wishes to sponsor a number give me a shout and I'll try to remember to add it next week.

And if you no longer want to sponsor a number, no worries just let me know :)


  • If you have spotted any glaring mistakes in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from the master list, give me a shout

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below

Have a good day all,


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I just sponsored 1 SBI to @fionasfavourites for his position on lucky number #22: enjoy! ;)

Thank you! I think I missed something. Much appreciated.

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Follow @esteemapp as well!

Thank you!

Nice one everyone, and congrats to @abh12345 on the new job!

I'm dropping off to make a quick SBI handover to @clixmoney, congrats on the special prize!

Thanks a lot. Is that mean that i won something. lol I hope I understand all this. lol

Yep, you won the extra special SBI share from me! The best one in the whole pack of SBI!

Thanks a lot. Is that mean that sbi will upvote all my posts now, or only one post or how I can use that share. Sorry but I just heard about SBI but i don't really understand how it works.

No problem, a SBI share is an ongoing daily upvote (pretty small by itself, but larger in a group) on your last post. You can read more about it at @steembasicincome.

Thank you :D I hope this one will interest me more than the last!

Well done @johannpiber! Great job , cant beat you will join you 😉 and great a new face love it !

@bearbear613 number 2 and we haven’t met I believe so I will visit your blog right after this but great 2nd place and the ever consistent @chireerocks you are the steady rich congrats you three make a great leader board.
@abh12345 f#%$£ miner 10 with 2 blogs wth how ????
Great lost many friends that’s great sorry for being a day late see you Sunday

f#%$£ miner 10 with 2 blogs wth how ????

huh? :D

Congrats on reaching 5000 SP!

Number 10 on the list with two blogs that’s a great achievement

Thank you very much for your nice words @brittandjosie 🙂

Hey @brittandjosie, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you so much for your kind words and definitely new names are coming up. Keep up the awesome work and stay blessed.

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It was not my fault to win again 😉
I congratulate you all for your engagement and for another awesome week on Steemit.
Thank you so much Asher for all the work you do and for the Steem. I have already sent 5 SBI to the lucky number 12 @alokkumar121.

!tip 0.5

An impressive tally this week for sure! Well done again.

Thank you for the kind words and bonus tokens :D

You're much welcome @abh12345 🙂

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Congratulations @johannpiber for winning top slot and thanks much for sbi reward. Have a great day

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You're much welcome and I thank you very much @alokkumar121, now your next step will be to be Top 10 👍
Have a great day too 🙂


Hey @alokkumar121, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

🎁 Hi @abh12345! You have received 0.5 STEEM tip from @johannpiber!

@johannpiber wrote lately about: The Last Leaves / Die Letzten Blätter Feel free to follow @johannpiber if you like it :)

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Sweet sixteen, eh? WHOO HOO! Glad to see I'm back in the game again, @abh12345!

(Although I do notice that in your lucky number list, you have @clixmoney sitting in my seat... 😜 )

Congratulations to all the winners, and I've dropped the tip off on @minismallholding's most recent post.

16. tip to minismallholding.jpg

Have an wonderful week everybody, and speaking of tips... !tip steem

Thanks for mentioning. I wish I understand all this here. I did read so many posts of @abh12345 but still don't understand how this league works. I wish you explain to me in an easy language, what is it. lol

WOOO and whoops! :) I think that is my first mistake ever that led to someone else receiving a prize! I've sent a little over to you.

Thanks for sponsoring, have a lovely week too :)

Aww, thank you @abh12345! No worries, and I really appreciate that you sent more than a little something that beyond covered the prize (at least I'm assuming so - not sure what the prize was supposed to be... 😂 ).

You're very welcome - I really like sponsoring, as it's been a great way to meet Steemians I haven't interacted with before. And I agree with what @mariannewest said - seeing the league results every week reminds me that Steem is definitely alive and well! 😊

Oh, and happy Wednesday!

Just a little bit more due to my error, and the fact you are always tipping me :)

You're very welcome - I really like sponsoring, as it's been a great way to meet Steemians I haven't interacted with before.

This and Marianne's comment are the reasons I still do this each week, thank you!

Coolness, Asher! 😊 And...

!giphy you're+welcome

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Awesome! Thanks!

Well done again :)

This is fantastic report that comes on every Sunday and it helps to know that where I am now and on what need to work. My SV is 0 since last 3 months. So happy to know and I will ensure that this will continue.

Very well done :)

Hell yeah! Next to last place! 💪

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deranged You just received DERANGED @abh12345 Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @mad-runner for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you so much as always for doing this!! It shows that Steem is still alive and people are actually talking to each other LOL
And thanks for the Steem :)

The proof is here :)

I hope it doesn't just end up the EL team providing the commentary!

Thank you!

With family commitments, very short on time, but “in here” to fulfill my commitment to your CEL @abh12345.

An SBI share has been registered for our ”Hot Pink” winner this week - @tarazkp (makes it 138 for him!). And a “double” on top of that, since you have worked your way back up into the Top 10! Congratulations to all of this week’s winners, which is everyone! As well as those who got some prizes … 😉

Thank you for putting this together @abh12345. "Onward and upward" into a new week!


Thank you very much! :)

Thank you Rob, and best wishes to the family during this time.

Great work everyone!!

Thank you @tryskele :D

I got @raj808!!! Well done mate, 5sbi on their way to you!!

Cheers buddy!

This week I had the impression of not having done much, finding myself at 6th place was a pleasant surprise, happy Sunday to all, !BEER

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Always good when you out-perform expectations, cheers :D

🎁 Hi @abh12345! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @traciyork!

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I did slightly better than the weeklies. But with steemfest going on, I can see where somethings may have taken a back seat.

I did manage to increase my comment length, (I got to wordy on a few again), and my number of votes. Post and number of comments, in trend a few less than lest week, but like the weeklies not much of a drop off.

I was happy to see that I did manage to work my way back up into the twenties, so that makes it a good week for me. Now if I expect to make my goal for SP by the end of the year, I need to stop slacking and start posting a little bit more.

Congratulations to everyone that managed to stay engaged this week, I know sometimes it is a hard thing to do, I have been all over the board rank wise, so a hearty congratulation for everyone.

I hope it's Steem Fest but am not convinced - next weeks data may help.

What is your end of year goal, 2500? Good luck!

Yep, 2500, so far November is looking good toward that goal, I will see if I can keep posting enough or not.

Cheers mate and a well deserved transfer to go toward your subscription :D

I did smile when I saw my placing this week, thank you :)

Hello @abh12345, is there any criteria for someone to join the league? I wanted to join and would like to know. Thank you✌️

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None really, just carry on what you are doing and see where you land, welcome :)

Congrats to all on the list engagement is what makes this special, WOW @johannpiber, rocked it this week with those numbers

One SBI share sent to @clixmoney for coming in spot 16

Thank you so much JJ - somehow it's !DERANGED since you pause 😉

Even if I was still in the league you would have had the top spot those numbers are awesome and perhaps !DERANGED lol

Cheers and !BEER

I should stop replying to you and to janton for a while - that would be !DERANGED but my numbers would be half or even less ;)


deranged You just received DERANGED @tattoodjay Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

Hey @tattoodjay, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

deranged You just received DERANGED @tattoodjay Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

Hey @tattoodjay, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you as always for sponsoring the EL @tattoodjay :)

MY Pleasure :)

Hi @abh12345!

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Your UA account score is currently 6.458 which ranks you at #181 across all Steem accounts.
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  • The readers appreciate your great work!
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Congratulations to all the winners and keep in supporting one another. 💕

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Thank you @wonderwop :D

@abh12345, Thank you so much for your kind mention brother. This is really encouraging aspect always. Stay blessed brother.

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My pleasure @chireerocks and well done again this week :)

Thank you so much brother. 👍👍

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Spectacular race in the self-vote department this week with @karamyog pulling ahead of @bearbear613 by just two votes—photo finish!

ha :D

Hey, @abh12345.

Unbelievable. Somehow I made the list with 27 comments. There must be more people at STEEMFest than I thought. :)

Kinda light on the engagement on the post, too. Sigh. Well, we'll hope everyone recovers and returns home soon so that we can get to proper business around here. I also hope it was worth the time and expense to go to Thailand.

As in, some awesome above the hood things that we don't already know about start popping up on the blockchain because someone did some serious networking. :)

Let's see. What else can I get in trouble by the powers that be for saying? :)

Nah. I got nothing. :)

Okay, well, have a good week, Asher. Thanks for trying to keep the engagement going around here. Someone needs to do it. :)

Onward and upward.

Hi Glen, thanks for stopping by :)

Well sadly, I don't think we can use Steem Fest as an excuse for the drop in commentary, but I would like to see the numbers move up again this next week when they are home again. 27 comments from you is 5/10 of many though, and i'm not just talking character count :)

Thanks, I will continue as always - not long until a full calendar year of EL posts.

Congrats to everyone on the list! You are all winners, I will be sending @bearbear613 2SBI for 2nd place. Thanks, Asher and @esteemapp!

Thank you Melinda! :)

I see you are sending SBI now instead of steem! Love the SBI Program.

I do, too! I switched the Shadow Contest to SBI awards, too. SBI keeps on giving long term benefits!

Congratulations @abh12345!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Comments - Ranked 3 with 69 comments

Thank you for the STEEM and WOW for my stats. I always see those top engagers and wonder how they got them. This week I saw. It takes just one "good" engaged filled post the BOOM there's lots of people talking to you there without you having to go look for them.

I see now.

Thanks again, and hope to be up there again next week.

It definitely helps to produce engaging content and a bit of luck and effort to be seen in the first place.

Well done on your score this week!