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I can't remember the last time I had a Big Mac / Win some ENGAGE/LIFESTYLE tokens via your engagement efforts.

This image has appeared a few times this afternoon, and you can find out your influence in Big Macs here:


So far, I've not seen any details on how this might be calculated and perhaps review.hunt.town are choosing to keep the recipe a secret to limit abuse going forward.

Anyway, who needs a Big Mac when you can have some ENGAGE tokens.

Do you know how many comments you have written per top level post?

or, how many characters of text you write per comment?

I'm at 47 comments per top level post and 185 characters per comment.

To earn some ENGAGE tokens, choose 1 of the following:

  • Your Comment count / Post count * 10 (I would receive 470 ENGAGE)
  • Your Comment length / Comment count (I would receive 185 ENGAGE)

Choose carefully - If you Post a lot then maybe option 2 is for you :)


Last week I mentioned in my 3 year anniversary post that I'd bought a bunch of LIFESTYLE tokens at .08 STEEM. I think the total amount I collected was just over 9000, around 750 STEEM. This was a fair-sized punt for me, but the reasons for doing so were solid and the main one related to the burning of LIFESTYLE tokens:

In addition to slow-drops over the next 6 months, we've created a few sell orders on the Steem-Engine market. We call this a sell-drop as these tokens are available in a very limited quantity and there will be no more sell orders once these are either filled or 7 days after launch when anything remaining will be burned permanently. source

My plan was to stake around half what I'd bought and sell the rest - hopefully at double the buy price so to make my investment in the token a free one. I'd put various sell orders in just under .16 and those went today, along with the 1000 I had listed at .195 - Feeling smug 😁

I've still got 750 tokens in my wallet and I'm deciding what to do with them at present. The sells so far have pretty much covered my investment and so I think I'll give some away to the people who score best in the two options discussed above.



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So glad you saw this @abh12345. I did it the other day when @hitmeasap posted it. I'm at 2 big macs, more than I thought. 23% engagement. 15.9 comments Yeah that should be a day at least.

Damn, only 7 Big Macs for my steem account lol .... I would do comment count :)

27 - 270 ENGAGE for you! The other score was 78 and so you made the right choice :)

YES!! :) lol

Engage tokens! I simply can't resist. Comment count / Post count for me.

A wise choice, 310 ENGAGE for you :D

Whooohooo! Still my favorite token! Thank you!

Over 15 years since I had any drive through style fast food,

  • Your Comment length / Comment count (I would receive 185 ENGAGE)

Just to check. I had a slow start to the week, but have certainly stepped it up today at least, especially length, A couple of nice long ones, and a couple of not so nice long ones. A balance I think has been achieved at least on the good comment bad comment side of things.

This is lifetime stats, I think you'll do OK with either option....

wow, two years and a few weeks worth, that will be interesting.

but you have to pick one :D

Your Comment length / Comment count

That will be by far the most interesting, I haven't even posted 500 times yet.

390 chars per comment, nice!

27 was the comment/post ratio, so you picked the right one :)

Good result for you on those tokens. Sounds interesting options - I would choose : Comment count / Post count cheers

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Cheers :)

Alright, 140 ENGAGE on the way to you. 212 was your average character count per comment.

Oh it surprised me, I chose wrong, & thanks for the tokens

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I had a big mac the other week. A remainder I still prefer Burger King over McDonalds.

I been getting rather lazy on comment size so I guess count!

180 ENGAGE on the way to you (The other option was better for you @ 363 chars per comment!).

Jeez I don't even take notice like that!! I just talk everwhere in both posts and comments lol its hard to choose but lets just say I post more so I do option 2. This is @mistakili , this is my leo account

188 ENGAGE going to @mistakili. Your other total was 6 (60) so you chose right!

Oh nice...thank you so much!

Your Comment count / Post count * 10

Darn. I never did get around to rereading your article about the various accounts. 😢

18 - 180 ENGAGE for you :) The other score was 169 so you picked the best one!

Thanks! 😍

I think I'll go with option 2. My gut feeling tells me to go with option 1 though, but I'm not that lucky in general, so I'll do the opposite and go against my own gut feeling this time. lol :D

Either way, I'll enjoy the 2 Bic Macs my posts is worth.

Option two is much the better choice, 304 ENGAGE for you :)

Hey, I choose "Your Comment count / Post count * 10". :)
Only 2 Big Macs. :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Big Macs are over-rated anyway :)

More Posts than comments, this was an easy choice for you!

0.7 ENGAGE haha

I'll send you the other total which is 172!

Is your username from The Glass Bead Game?

ahh, 'Undiscovered World', I like it.

Do I dare choose either....
As I am not worthy of even 1 Big Mac hahaha

So just dropping in to say “niceeee” on the lifestyle tokens :D

Thank you :D

174 ENGAGE for you :D

I’d take engage tokens over the Mac anytime
Thank youuuuu 😁

Comment count!! You outscored me easily on the big Mac thing, I got six I think. I was disappointed to see nog have a high score, madness!

It's a bit of a joke really isn't it - At least give us some metrics to digest!

410 ENGAGE on their way! (Comment length would have scored you 82)

Wahaha! I chose right!!

Yeah, is nice to see a hint of what is reported on!!

Will you be reporting on some Beers today? :)

It's almost done!! The second video is defo worth a watch! :0D

Everything is okay! 👌

You received an automatic upvote, because I believe in you and I love what you create! 😉

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


If you dislike this automatic message, please let me know: thanks! 🙏

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I know I have surely done plenty of both although it has evolved over time! Great trades!

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Are you going to pick one to score some ENGAGE? :)

Let’s roll the dice with number two!

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A wise choice! 307 ENGAGE on the way :)

Darn... only 4 Big Macs for me :0(

I tried out the first one, but the number seems to be very high... 277???

Anyway, I'd go for the second one. ;0)

A wise selection, 311 ENGAGE coming your way :D

Hey Ash!
Did you know my worst subject was maths? Luckilly you know me by now, so considering my style what do you think I should pick?
I commented like crazy back in the days, but I was a poster only for a few months while I was preparing the wedding...

I think the first...

I think you made a good choice :) 340 ENGAGE on the way!

41 LIFESTYLE Tokens for @meesterboom and 36 for @enjar :D

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Honestly I am not sure where I would find the info needed for option # 2. But steemworld.org says I have 577 posts and 5283 comments so my value would be 91.55. And nice job in the lifestyle investment.

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  ·  last year (edited)

I will choose option 2 for you then - 219 ENGAGE on the way :D

Thanks man. I appreciate you pushing people toward engagement. How did u come up with 219 the other way? Just curious.

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No worries :)

I use @steemsql and this dirty query:

declare @comment_length int
declare @comment_count int
SET @comment_length = (select sum(len(body)) from comments where depth > 0 and author = 'sumatranate')
SET @comment_count = (select count(*) from comments where depth > 0 and author = 'sumatranate')
SELECT @comment_length, '|',@comment_count, '|', @comment_length/@comment_count

This is really dirty query 😏
You're making 2 table scans to compute length and count where it could be done in 1

Sorry :)

Is this better?

sum(case when depth = 0 then 1 else 0 end) Post_count,
sum(case when depth > 0 then 1 else 0 end) Comment_count,
sum(case when depth > 0 then len(body) else 0 end) Comment_Length,
sum(case when depth > 0 then 1 else 0 end)/sum(case when depth = 0 then 1 else 0 end) as Comments_Per_post,
sum(case when depth > 0 then len(body) else 0 end)/sum(case when depth > 0 then 1 else 0 end) as Comm_len_avg
from comments where author = 'arcange'



Sent you some directly :)

If's way better! You can even use the new IIF() function to make it more readable:

   sum(IIF(depth = 0, 1,0) AS Postcount, 
   sum(IIF(depth > 0, 1, 0)AS Commentcount,
   sum(IIF(depth > 0, len(body), 0) AS CommentLength, 
   sum(IIF(depth > 0, 1, 0))/sum(IF(depth = 0, 1, 0)) AS CommentsPerpost, 
   sum(IIF(depth > 0, len(body), 0))/sum(IIF(depth > 0, 1,0) AS Commlen_avg
from comments 
where author = 'arcange'
```<div class="pull-right"><sub><a href="/steemreply/@arcange/introducing-steemreply-stay-in-touch-with-your-steem-network">Posted with <img src="http://steemreply.com/logo-comment.png"/></a></sub></div>

Oooh, this is a hard one, but since I have posted a fair bit, let's go with that.

Do me for post count.

  ·  last year (edited)


7 for the Comment count divided into Post count and an 214 average characters per comment.

70 ENGAGE on the way :D

doh! :D

I think you are an ENGAGE Whale anyway :)

A whale at least. I should watch what I eat.

:D I had planned to swim all week to burn a few calories but my leg is not having that, dammit!

Your leg is "pooched"

If you say so :D

Congratulations @abh12345!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Comments - Ranked 4 with 63 comments

I would go with (comment count/post count)*10 cause I don't post as much as I comment!
Also I am supposedly worth 6 Big Macs per post, but I can't find any store willing to sell me even one Big Mac for 1-2 STEEM.

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140 ENGAGE for you :D (Other tally was 274!)

In the UK a Big Mac is 19.92 STEEM.

Dang! I almost went with the other one. Thanks!

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