Who's been chatting away since the hard fork?

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'Engagement' got a mention in yesterdays @steemitblog post - a look at who's been active on chain over the past couple of months.


With the amount of automated or copy/paste commentary on chain, which I think is actually down since the price fall and RC utilization, just finding the top 50 commentators in recent times took a little while.

After filtering 342 accounts (by sight or a manual check) which frequently produce the same or similar comments, the list be low looks to be the 50 most verbose commentators since the 1st September 2019.

AccountComment CountCharacter count

Much of the first 10, and many others in the remainder of the list are also a part of the Engagement League. It's hard to say if they would be so wordy on Steem if this wasn't the case, but it's not a big deal either way. What is important is that they are taking the time to interact and engage. So much content goes without a single message and sometimes this content is earning well in comparison to the average, and seeing this work on the trending page is a bit saddening and likely gives the wrong impression to people looking in.

The introduction of Communities will hopefully bring the focus back to engagement, and something I would like to see is a maintained feed that show some of the most engaging content. At present, this is easily gameable but some of the (hopefully) upcoming community features could allow admins to remove automated/spammy commentary to give some order to a list of the Posts that people are commentating on. This doesn't necessarily mean that what is being said in the content is great/popular, and there could be a general wave of disagreement in the comments - nothing wrong with that though if it is constructive and not abusive though I think.

Well done to the folks in the list, it might be worth putting your name down here if you haven't already for the chance to collect some rather cheap looking STEEM each Sunday.

Have a good day all,


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WOW I am surprised to see myself at the top of this list I honestly thought since i had left the league I had quietened down a bit and wasnt that active, clearly I was the wrong lOL

Overall, the standout commentator over the past 3 months or so, bravo!

I really was surprised when I saw this, but i know if you ran it ina week I would drop down :)

Wow!! We got a really chatty bunch here! That's fantastic!!

Talking of engagement, can I do a shameless plug here? I'm gonna do it anyway ^_^

I like taking things offline to add a bit of human touch and started to send postcards to some Steemians around the world. So far I've sent 12 postcards to 9 different countries. With Christmas coming, I'd like to send some Christmas cards out as I don't think we do enough of that nowadays. I did a post about this yesterday, if anybody is interested, please do check out my post. I won't post the link here, as that would be really shameless

Thanks for letting me do a plug here Ash, even though you haven't said Yes.... yet ^_^

That’s a nice community building idea, offline engagement 😁

@steemitri likes to send postcards and maybe he’d like something through his letterbox 😊

Oh I was scrolling and scrolling thinking that if Im not on the list Id be suprised and likely disheartened. I do try to be a good Steemizen! No suprise @tattojay right up there .. nice . Gawd I wish they would launch communities already!!! Whens the ETA?

You're an awesome Steemizen. I was surprised to also be on the list! :) It matters to validate people and ideas in a work of automated crap under every post.

Couldn't agree more. I feel a moral obligation to let people know they are heard by human beings!

You are there! :D

I'm not sure of ETA but they are in test now. You may see #hive-12345 or something on some post tags, I think @therealwolf used one yesterday. These tags are the IDs i think and will have a useful name soon enough.

yay, a list of all-human and highly engaged users! very refreshing after getting a list of mostly bots from my own efforts today :)
impressive numbers in the top of the list!

Yes I noticed - how dire!

I was thinking about a most Resteemed list over the past 3 months - perhaps some interesting accounts to watch there?

I would have bet I'd be way down or even not on this list anyway. So, I am really surprised, and seeing these numbers now I know why my fingers are !DERANGED bent like that 😉
There are a lot names I know from the league, and the number one is certainly no surprise to me 😉

!tip 0.3

A fine effort and who knows, next time you might be at the top :D

Thank you Asher, but being at the top has never been my intention 😉


Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Hi @abh12345

It's always nice to find their name on a list if it's in the positive direction. After all, we are a social media platform and when I get comments on a post or more I respond to all comments in 95 - 100%.

It also has to do with sheer courtesy and is social

But some of my comments can be similar when I run competitions and reward the user who is creative with creating a narrative based on my digital image on their own blog.

As it is now, many people see their blog empty for comments day in and day out. And that's not motivating, we have to get better at being more social here so that list changes names more often

Hi, thanks for the message :)

It also has to do with sheer courtesy and is social

Totally agree - creator should attempt to respond to everyone who makes a reasonable comment on their blog.

I noticed some of your comments are similar but they looked typed and not coded and sometimes there is not much more that needs to be said other thank 'thank you' :)

Yes @abh12345,
I write all my comments manually and they can be the same when I run a competition 🙂

Our Steem blockchain was originally conceived and "marketed" as a place where people can earn something of value for their written content @abh12345. Since it was widely reported, by all those “the rest of us” are supposed to look to for Steem “wisdom,” that upvoting comments was no longer a good idea after the EIP changes of HF 21 / 22, upvoting is now quite rare.

As you say here, with a few notable exceptions, comment creation has now dropped … Hmmm. Surprise, surprise. I wonder what could be causing this? 😉


That was the original marketing plan and seeing as Inc needed testers, and those testers were at times paid a lot, I don't think the original home page text was too far wrong.

Things have changed a lot since then though. Steemit Inc must be pretty happy that the code is solid, and looking at what else Steem can do is (rightly in my opinion) being focused upon.

Price has to be factored in to the drop in commentary, but I think I know what you are getting at :)


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2 points!

I know this is completely off subject...but is the whole "UA" thing still in existence or relevant. I haven't heard anything of it in months and was wondering.
And of course, great post, and I'm sure the top ones that are in the engagement leagues definitely have that as a contributing factor for their positioning.😁 Have a great weekend brother!🤗

It's still running, but I don't think the original vision by the dev/s will be reached.

Thanks John, same to you!

That is a good list to create from time to time. I think that some of them might be spurred on by the EL, but many would be doing similar anyway. For me at least, I write as I do, League or no league :)

From time to time, when I can be arsed spending an hour filtering out garbage :)

I know you will carry on regardless, and hope there are enough doing this also.

I would like to be adding more onto the chain than I do now, but I am hoping that through communities i can post across them as needed without having to worry about my personal blog view. I have to play with them more though to understand what is possible.

Same here, but I think from Monday my engagement will fall off again - tomorrows league could be my highest placing for a while.

Might be my lowest :D

Then I could be ahead for once :)

Okay wait - so you're saying that even though @dswigle was on vacation for an entire month, she still managed to get on the list and I didn't? Daaaayum, I gotta up my chatting game fo shure! 😂

Seriously, the more I hear about Communities, the more I'm liking the idea, and hopefully there will be more focus on engagement in the days that follow. Thanks for putting this together, @abh12345!

Yes @dswigle has done really well!

My pleasure, and thanks for the RS!

She is a ROCKSTAR!

And you're very welcome. 😊

I like cheap Looking steem on Sunday , great list glad I am on it and so are friends with whom I interact daily or weekly. I do think there is also a difference to comments and blogging ( not the APPICS Actifit ones but blogs they are to easy ) and just commenting and doing 1 blog a week.
But the written blogs, with 200 words plus, daily make a difference! I would like to see the list of those people because dping that contributing to the platform in two ways is even more of a good job ! Both blogging and commenting is hard work and being is Discord aswell is true engagement Is being everywhere and a lot of people do that. I will bett ya I am on that list aswell
Blog to you tomorrow when the cheap looking steem is handed out 😉

You are on the list :) And I see a fair amount of your commentary is to welcome the new accounts which is a really nice touch :)

It would be interesting to see who's chucking out the most text in Posts and receiving the least feedback, how well they are earning too perhaps.

See you tomorrow then :)

It used to be janton and I know a few chatterboxes in the female department of comment giving, but indeed would be nice , well maybe a new idea for 2020 😉

Thank you very much for the mention @abh12345, I am not part of the Engagement League though, I do believe we need more engagement on this blockchain, with comments and discussions that have meaning and not just upvotes, comments have been going down a lot since the last hardfork, and to be honest I think that me being that high here is just because I never let the hardfork change my commenting habits, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Thank you @flaxz, very kind :)

Maybe you should put your name down on the EL post, you may surprise yourself!

Maybe, but that means there will be one more thing to focus on and I do have a lot on that plate already, stay awesome.

@abh12345, Thank you so much for your kind mention brother. It is tough but i am enjoying this journey because it's my passionate journey. Stay blessed brother.

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Glad to see you there @chireerocks :)

Thank you brother. 🙂

Lol I think it's kinda sad that I'm in the top 30, I've hardly been as active as I used to be, which is evident from my dropping down the engagement league. Kinda sucks that this place lives and dies by the price of crypto. But on we solider, to where I don't know but I'm willing to go along for the ride

We can hold hands and skip? :)

Glad to see you on the list as I often spot some good feedback in your commentary.

Dang! I’ve only made 1000 comments total. I’m very impressed by those with 10,000 comments made since September.

Some people love to talk! :D

Thanks for this, Asher! It's great to see an overall engagement list!
So many of my favorite people to chat with are on this list.
I'm really looking forward to communities and can't wait for them to go live!

My pleasure, nice to see so many of your peeps on the list :)

Heeey @abh12345, I'm new in your blog, stopping here to say hello:)

Omfg, how the people can make that amount of comments? Idk, I wasn't active here, but I think if I had been active, I wouldn't be on the list anyway, wtf

It's funny, @nonameslefttouse hasn't been here for a month and he is on the list anyway, incredible

I think I'll be around for a while, I started following you, maybe I'll be your fan or something like that. Whatever: plS f0lloW m3e ToO

Thanks Jean :)

The guys at the top are on another level and really, anyone on this list is going above and beyond to oil the chain.

When nonames is around (he may be around but just loitering without intent at present) he is very verbose, as well as all those good things like amusing and right :)

I read you are 16 and live in Venezuela with your Uncles. Tu inglés es genial y ahora te estoy siguiendo :)

Heey, omgg, I'm glad you took a look at my introduceyourself, that's amazing, thank you so much!!

I'll be looking for make friends here, since I realized that Steem is more than just a platform to create content I realized that it's great to read what the people publish here :) I don't think I'll do content for now (my blog isn't being profitable), but I'll be watching the blogs of amazing people like you. Thank youuu again 💙

Aqui mi visita amigo,buenas tardes y saludos desde venezuela

Hey, @abh12345.

Going all out on this engagement quote are we? :)

I like the pom-pomming for your engagement league, too. :)

Name dropping the engagers. Man, this post has it all. :)

Small bee in bonnet this week but it's flown safely away this afternoon, cheers Glen :D

Hey, @abh12345.

I don't know. I kind of liked that bee. :)

I mean, it's not like I'm into stirring things up, or being nasty or even insensitive, but I don't mind speaking truth to power. I think it needs to be done. So, I'm grateful when I see sparks here and there. :)

:) From time to time, they will be there, and then fade so's to stay out of trouble.

Wordy comments. Some people do go all out for them. My hats off to them, I'm a succinct feller :0D

That you are, unless you are describing a quality ale in which the words come flooding out :)

Well, that's true. I can't do myself in that situation!

For the crap brews, I only need your face as the description but when the beer gets chucked, that is the confirmation of shiteness.

What's in store today? I am eager to know!

It's been a while since I have chucked one!! Hopefully, I don't have one like that tonight.

It's chilli beers tonight! A dark one and a pale one!!

They sound decent, I do like chili chocolate :)

Hmm, tempted to go and see if Tesco have restocked!

I bet they have, do it man. For all of us!!!

I'm gonna do it - and collect a dirty pizza as well!

I'm a succinct feller

So your wife says.

She does!! When she's not drenched in jizzum!! :0D

....that's what happens when you are succinct.

Hahaha, yes indeed!!!

:O :O


Dang...you beat me to it.





You'll be topping the list this week at this rate!

Well I'm so far down on the list however I have been away for over a month and that has to come into play somehow. On another note I think the engagement league has played a huge part in spurring interaction between people.

Well done, Asher.!

!tip .20

The League is nothing without the people taking part here and so right back at you ! :)

🎁 Hi @abh12345! You have received 0.2 STEEM tip from @dswigle!

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Awesome to see so many of our fantabulous Powerhouse Creatives members in that list, myself included haha!!

Well I would give you a pat on the back but it seem's you have long arms :) (Well done team!)

Shameless praise haha!!!! and yes, well done indeed!

!giphy Go+team

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Glad to see my name in the list Asher. I'll admit that it's much easier not to make many comments, especially considering that my average post-word-count is around 700-800 and I post everyday, sometimes twice. There's only so much time in the day. Still, it's the comments that add extra depth to a post and of course who doesn't like a little engagement on their posts? It's important.

I recently resteemed a fellows post, asked tarazkp to vote it and sent it to curangel for a vote too. Left a comment and followed the user. That user received more comments from people who had seen it from my reposts and...Didn't reply to one of them.

I unfollowed.

Anyway, thanks for doing this. Much appreciated.

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Glad to see you on the list too. I'd noticed you were getting around a bit and sneaked you onto the EL list in the week so you may well appear quite high up tomorrow :)

As for the user not replying to their commentators, that is a poor effort and a missed opportunity.

Missed opportunity for sure. Defies logic really.

I have seen your EL and had no real clue as to how it worked, how to join or whatever, and so I didn't/haven't. It's not through lack of interest, just that there's only so much me to go around and a finite amount of time in the day...No different to others I guess. I struggle to fit it all in sometimes and so things get put aside at times.

Been focused on commenting recently, engaging and doing so with new people. Seems a legit way to go. So few comments on my own blogs these days so might as well share mine around.

Well the good thing is, you don't have to do anything differently :) A score is devised from your blockchain actions, like commentating and whereabouts this takes place. Let's see how you do - surely higher than the person with the big miss.

Oh cool, sounds good and low-impact. Let's see how I do huh?

Working on it right now before I head off to watch my daughter swim to victory :D

That's the spirit...Predicting her victorious swimming pool efforts well-ahesd if the event. Go girl! Swiiiiiiimmmm! 😁

My expectations will be kept to myself and I'll just wish her good luck - she's quite good though and usually swims better when I'm there, much to her grandma's disgust! :D :D

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I like to upvote as much as I can every day when my rc is 100%, and for every upvote I always comment, but after up to 10 comments and upvotes and my post and a resteem my rc is down to the 80s, and I'm a dolphin, so how people can do so many comments is beyond me, unless they just comment without an upvote; but anyway, good to see some phc in there

I don't see a problem regarding commentating without an upvote, especially if the comment is a reply to another comment. Many people just like the interaction and don't care too much for the couple of cents we could provide :)

Does it cost anything to comment? Upvoting does, but don't know if commenting does.

RC-wise? Yes, more so I believe.


From this image it looks like a comment costs 15x the amount in RC's than a vote:

Is that normal do you think? Should it be that way? Is it the same for everyone?

....it's easy when you know your upvote is worthless anyway....lol.

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!