My social experiment postcards are on their way!!!

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Last week I posted about a social experiment that I wanted to do. I offered to send postcards to people, wherever you are in the world. I was very happy that quite a few people wanted to take part and trusted me enough to give me their address.

Today I finally got round to buy the postcards and write a personalised message to everyone. It's been a long time since I hand wrote so much, plus my handwriting isn't the best, hopefully @dkkarolien, @travelgirl, @gabrielatravels, @dfinney, @melinda010100, @delishtreats and @soyunasantacruz, you can read what I've written.

Writing out the addresses was an interesting challenge in itself. I had to make sure some of the foreign place names were spelt correctly. USA house numbers goes up to 4 or even 5 digits, I always find that amusing. Does a US street really run that long 😉 ? And some people use post office boxes, including one where I had to add their phone numbers underneath the address.

The Taiwanese postal service, whilst affordable can be a hit and miss sometimes. Sending 7 postcards around the world today only cost me USD2.60, that's a small price to pay to extend my friendship. I just hope they all arrive safely to the recipient. I'm still waiting for my Brexit referendum ballot card to arrive from UK, it's only been 3 years ....... not that it makes any difference now.


USA, Australia, Switzerland, Romania, Mauritius and Venezuela, postcard from Taiwan is on its way!!!! Watch out!!!!

If you would like to recieve a postcard from me - it doesn't cost you anything, and there are no strings attached - I'd love to hear from you. You can read more about why I want to do this in my original post here. Please do drop me a message on Discord livinguktaiwan#6787.

Don't be shy!!!!

Check out all my travel posts here on Steemit Worldmap, and also my latest project @LadiesOfAsia where we share fun and cultural diversity across Asia Pacific.

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Can't wait!! YAY! :)

Thank you for joining in my social experiment Martina!

Ahhhhhhh I want one too!!! How do I send u my address?

I'll DM you @helgalubevi

yayyyy! great! thanks!

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can't waiiitttttt. I will send my next week la cos haven't had time to get a post card

no worries, hopefully this one will get to you the first time

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Hello @livinguktaiwan, thank you very much for making me part of your experiment, I'm very excited, I await your postcard as a child awaits the gift of Christmas, In what comes I will let you know and of course, I will share with all of you friends of steemit this great experience. May God bless you and give you many trips.

Ooo I missed this one! I love my postcard.

Here in the USA lots of street names are numbers.

Let’s use this made up address as an example of how it works in my city.

12345 67th Ave NE

  • In this address the 123 is the street so 123rd street
  • The 45 is the house number (house numbers are always 2 digits)
  • the 67 is the Avenue’s name.

Streets run north to south in my city and avenues run east to west. So in this address 123rd street intersects 67th Avenue.

The NE (Northeast) indicates which part of the city. Addresses in the city center don’t have a directional designation. NE in my city tells you that the address is north of down town and east of the freeway. ☺️

Now I know!!!! I always wondered why all the US streets are so loooooong! 😊

Too bad I've found out about this post only now when it's 2 months later!! Shame on me! Unfortunately, my life was pretty busy in the past months and I barely managed to keep up by posting weekly and answer to the comments, but not enough time to check other posts too :(

I'm really sorry about that and I am so happy to see my name on here and all the process of writing the postcards. I love the one received from you and I can't wait for you to receive mine as well. I sent it out the last week, probably not too much until it arrives! <3