The importance of engagement on Steem

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The first thing one learns the moment they join the Steem family is how important and also how crucial engagement is in order for people to expand their network but also grow their accounts.

And this is what makes Steem unique.

Can you even imagine what would this place look like if each and everyone of us just uploaded their posts and didn't engage with others? Deserted...

The thing is though that despite the fact that newcomers learn that they have to engage with others in order to be noticed, the more one remains active on Steem the more they feel the need to talk and interact with those that share the same mindset / ideas.

It becomes an addiction.

Often people don't feel like posting anything for a day or two. Not because they have nothing to write about but because they might feel tired or simply because they didn't have time to write something.

Real life happens from time to time ya know...

I for instance, didn't feel like posting anything at all today. Reading random posts on my feed page and curating was good enough for today, right before I head to my favorite discord channels and enjoy some talking with my favorite Steemians.

Yeah, you see discord is like my second shit. And from what I can tell for hundreds of other Steemians as well.


For the past few hours all discord channels as you might have noticed are down. But this won't stop Steem addicts from finding a way to have a real time discussion with others.

That's why Telegram channels are on fire as we speak...

And I assume so should be

And it is totally normal if you ask me. We've found people with the same ideology about crypto...about some cases about life too.

So not being able to interact with them in real time feels kinda strange doesn't it?

If you fall in the same group of people who keep pressing F5 in the hope that with the next hit discord will be fixed...don't full yourselves...

You are Steem addicts as just didn't know...

Have a great one peeps...

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I really hope that with #communities that a lot of the offchain chat comes back.

I don't use discord, or telegram, or slack. I prefer the forum life and that's how I think if Steem.

When the chat is off chain it feels like people are having important discussions without you.

I know I could join, but time is scarce and I would rather focus on my projects.

Also, those large platforms are not anti-fragile, blockchain and distributed social 'should' be.

If one Steem frontend goes down, there are plenty more to switch to and access the same blockchain.

Engagement is indeed important @mindtrap, and yeah I also noticed Discord is down, do they have a scalability issue perhaps 😎, stay awesome.

Thankfully it's up and running again! Stay awesome too mate!

Thanks @mindtrap, now it's down again. 😂

So the point is to engage off steem? The current situation certainly doesn't lend itself towards much of any interaction on steem, and unlike every other social platform available steem doesn't have the ability to message friends, groups, or anyone.. I see you have gotten votes but little glad I don't discord BTW..

It is deserted here.. Be better it was desserted.. 🎂

Well you ain't the first but whatever...

I am glad you don't discord too :)

Yea partiko sucks but it's the best option I have sadly.. I edited.. Still it's quiet as a, mouse on actual steem but not surprisingly you're incapable of responding to my observation that you've basically contradicted yourself by saying steem engagement is critical and addictive, yet it doesn't exist on steem itself..

I'm glad you're glad I'm not on discord..

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The implementation of a live chat on Steem would have been really easy. But then again imagine spam messages asking votes / favors... this and that.

I like the traditional way...engagement via comments is fine as it is.

It just happens to enjoy some discord channels while listening to some live shows. I don't think there's anything wrong with that

Which telegrams are people using these days ? Good post .

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Ain't gonna tell you. You ain't a Steem addict apparently :P :P

haha... I used to know them if that helps :P