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@johannpiber When does it stop to be a newbie? After a year you cannot be a newbie. By the way most of my content has not one single comment from a Steemian either. That will not stop me from posting since the only reason I post here is to save somewhere what is mine. You watch photos, I like to read, most are too lazy to watch or read. I spent more time on answering/commenting as anything else. Does it pay? No. It is the same to many. Perhaps for different reasons. I take the time to translate Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, German and English if needed. How many here do that? Even are willing to do that including a slow connection?

Happy Tuesday. 💕

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You belong to a minority @wakeupkitty, you spend a lot of time and work on Steem / Steemit. I don't have that much time, although I can Steem at work. It's very hard to go for hikes in the mornings, come home in the afternoon and then edit and post, but it makes fun. I love what I do, but it is exhausting ... if you know what I mean.

German and English is enough for me. Most people speak English, and the ones who don't speak English can watch the photos ... a photo speaks more than a thousand words ;)

I would still call myself a newbie, because I am always learning something new, what I can make better, what is wrong ... ;)


@johannpiber I learn daily too. There is a lot of info hidden behind the screens we do not know and people do not like to share. If it comes to it you easily stay in your own circle but there is so much to read and see.
I doubt anyone would call me a newbie. I am not but I do not know everything either. If it comes to it I write and post and upvote what I like as many as posdible and I do not care if I am the first who did. It is a waste of my time to search for good content. I did it for @pifc it takes me hours and my connection only gives me stress. It is no fun this way.

I also have not much time but my phone is online if there is a cinnection and instead of watching and hoping it loads I do something else in between. I am 4 days behind with answering my comments but at least I am writing again.

I never watch tv which means I save a lot of time a plus I try to go to bed early. I still translate... I have no other option. Steemians from Venezuela join my contest and among them I have close contacts. I wish you a great Saturday. ❤️

I absolutely agree with all you say about voting and searching good content.
Since I am mostly interested in photography it is easier for me - I look at the thumbnails of new posts first and if I like what I see I open the post to see more.
Of course, some thumbnails don't show the photo clearly, and I might miss some good photos that way, but I don't have that much time to open all posts. Also, I know many people of which I am sure that their photos and posts are good - I visit their blogs as often as I can.
I wouldn't want to curate for others, at least not regularly, because I am manually curating with my main account as well as with my other accounts (PHPTO, CCC, PAL...), and that's work enough.

It's a shame, that your internet connection is that bad - nowadays everybody should have fast connections, unless it is somewhere in the mountains or so.

I wish you a great weekend @wakeupkitty 🙂


@johannpiber photos frequently do not load with me and I like some text to it too. Most I do not find good enough to speak for themselves plus if I like to know how, why, where.. Who knows one day I change my mind. I doubt anyone reads what I recommend. 🤔Happy day ❤️

Your Internet situation seems to be really bad - is there no way to change it to a better connection? 🤔
I do prefer photos with explaining text or a story to photos without any text, even if these photos are very good I will vote for the not so good photo, because it is the content that counts too.

I don't think, that no one reads what you recommend, but some people do not care as long as what they do works ...

Have a great day too @wakeupkitty


@johannpiber No, there is not. There are only 3 options this is the less worse. They do not invest, accept more and more people and the more there are the less connection. They slow people down. They do not care and you have no guarantee it works at all. A contract is for 2 years. At times I drive in town to search for a better connection but that is 8 miles plus it cost me money and frequently the connection is as nearly as bad as at home.❤️

May I as where you live? Because many people here on Steemit live on places where I have thought they wouldn't have electrics, but they hve even very fast internet 🙂
Sometimes I'm on places where I have only a very slow internet, such as at my parents house, so I can imagine how you feel.


@johannpiber I live on the country. No wires or fast internet here. I am at the end ofvthe row and road but the town has a bad connection too. Nonsteady connection either. It is a problem if you need to sign in or use baking online. I.always have the wrong password and have to tell I am not a robot. An uodate for an app of onlyn200 mb can take hours. I try to do that elsewhere if needed.

Hey @wakeupkitty, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @wakeupkitty, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @wakeupkitty, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @wakeupkitty, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!