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Author: @nachomolina
(Original Poetry)

24 hours has cost me, without rest!

Without thinking of the years, the people who came and went, in what I didn't believe and asked a fortune teller!

I have never been asleep, I do not dream, I live!
I don't live from a dream. I proceed right in the center,
For years I have constant insomnia, but I take it as a game
In my room there are shift night elves,
They open holes in the pitfalls of my neck, like a camel

I will never get out of this hole, I write on papyri,
biographical nouns, as accurate as I can,
bluntly, without saying: It's nine o'clock, i will see you tomorrow!
Because I don't get tired, my verses are not heavy,
I always carry them in a soft sack, like goose feathers

Something, I have to take in my time capsule
Sometimes I don't know what to do when a sheet of paper
winks an eye at me, from my memory store
she says, bring me to light because in 24 hours someone will be reading me

Last night I was going around in the neighborhood,
I saw a killer hanging around and some ghosts
the neighbor, procreating in his backyard
and his wife, procreating another's backyard.
Although it sounds weird, I still have the key to her room

Oh my God! I must get out of here
In the next line of my text, I end up imprisoned with Britney Spear
As Jim said, while kissing the snake in the desert,
I am the lizard king! I don't believe that drugs and alcohol cause heart attack
and he did not live to sing it...

24 hours has cost me,
Someday we will be dust, because they say that in the past
we also were mud
Now, I can say it singing or maybe just rhymed
I'll keep waiting here, that day and night come together because, 24 hours has cost me!



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