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With a PC creating, keyboard and mouse as allies, the dragon's voice spits fires that keep talking to me. I have just the necessary for this new blog with imaginary sound. Time escapes my hand when I invent the revolutionary text; Listen to the clavichord!, try to mark the tempo, even if I hear that sound by myself, they can snap their fingers as if it really sounds like a chorus.

I am under the concept of the king, in the legendary place, on two levels on the ground I had to live the fortune and the ordeal. Torch heroes light up the stage, while 24/7 my maids are dancing. It's the good thing, of being a writer with no schedule: Break the Subwoofer!, scare the dragon, I hear Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the Queen group early in the morning, so wake up to the neighborhood.

Sometimes I sink to the bottom of the letters, concealed. A pause is coming! Take a deep breath, without leaving aside the rhyming in the background. Because I am like a temple, I have sealed these doors with super glue and I keep my secrets in a common box that is my time capsule. Play that Riff! I will put the stereo, my imaginary sound goes inside, it sounds like Guns, in Use your Illusion, part one would not exist without part two, blue but with the same pamphlet.

It may not sound musical! But the melody of the beginning I still hear and that dragon does not stop looking at me, now in a costume of cypress hill retains the smoke for longer. I hear the Tic-Tac! from the clock, saying that I broke the agreement again, or the same, why do I never fall asleep?, I think that mixing crypto content with poetry has affected my left eye, that's why the right never closes.

The writing has taught me to have no limits, with it I can manifest myself as I want. Create the sound in my imagination, give it a bit of seasoning and keep marching the entire saga without contemplation. I remember when I wrote the sorcerer's mansion, the squeaking of the door, the hole where I looked out and and I saw nothing but a silhouette. Now it's like the escape of a car, I hear the C major! as if it were a trombone, for "volume three" I hope to be able to take it out of home run.

I saved the best for last! I confess to you, after having had a Yamaha sf-500 I have never wanted to play anything else. Because the others don't sound the same to me, the four Microphones, the fingerboard with dots and that natural mahogany color... Maybe, everything has an end where there was a beginning before, but a writer will write until the time he is dying and his Message will always end in the mouth of a genius. Therefore, My imaginary sound! today is priceless, but its value fluctuates as good currency and that will make me rich in some time...



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