Bigfoot Leers at People

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I had a lot of time on my metered wifi last month since I missed 10 days of usage for STEEMFest. I listened to a lot of yt videos for the first time in a long time.

I was too sick to work and so passed time lying down and finding interviews to listen to. Instead of something useful, I started with videos about people going missing in US National Parks. Many are lost each year and they are not tracked or found often.

I had a co-worker who was a mountain climber when I lived in San Diego. She was in a park when a kid went missing and was very upset that it never made the news.

These videos led to videos about Bigfoot possibly being the cause of at least some of the disappearances. I haven't had any thoughts about this issue in the past and so, went to it with an open mind.

It turns out there are sightings of Bigfoot in most of the places where disappearances happen. They happen in all 50 states, and many foreign countries. People such as hunters and fisherman see them often. There are about 5 different types of Bigfoots identified. Some are more aggressive than others.

One thread that goes through all the stories is that the Bigfoots are have a terrifying leer. Even if they are not being agressive, this face is disturbing to see. People who encounter Bigfoots face-to-face report this, and it is so scary that many never return to the woods after seeing it.

So is it true? The truth is stranger than fiction. None of this is ever reported on the news and if it is it is ridiculed. So the Bigfoot story passes my smell test.

When the mainstream is all on the same page, I think the news is fake. When the mainstream does not report it all, I feel comfortable to believe it.

My post today is for the daily freewrite prompt of leering. Write five minutes of what the prompt makes you think of, and you can post here too.

My photo is some woods as seen from the Train running south from Bangkok to the Malaysian border. It's doing a standing for a scene from a US National Park. I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for this photo.

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Listening to the stories, it's scary and my solo wandering travel trip dream always stays home till now.

I agree, @pradeepdee6. I would not go alone and would probably be worried in a group!

This is hilarious to me! Why? Because I was listening to some flat earth theories the other day and was sharing with my daughter how (scary? Obnoxious? Weird?) it is to me that I don’t have enough science or knowledge to disprove them without having to use mainstream references...

Who knows what is up or what is down.

Still. I feel comfortable believing the earth is round and Bigfoot is a fairytale.

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