I'm not lazy. I'm sick.

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All my life, people have told me I am lazy. I have a long list of things I will not do. Getting down on the floor and cleaning things is one of those tasks, as is carrying heavy packages and boxes.

I have a genetic condition with my heart that curtails some activity. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis that makes other tasks out of my reach.

Even when I look healthy and happy as in the photo above, something might be going on. Notice the hand brace which was there for at least six months after I stupidly tried to cut a pineapple.

Just because you cannot see my problem does not mean I do not have it.

I do a lot of things to accommodate myself. This video shows how I swim underwater instead of on the surface. Regular laps with my feet and hands slapping is out of my ability now. Even just a few laps like that will give me severe pain and injury.

Adapting to illness is an important part of living with it. When it became impossible to swim "normally" I was so sad. I love to swim but now did I have to stay out of the pool?


I just had to get creative.

My post today is for the #freewrite weekend single prompt challenge by @mariannewest with the prompt words of "lazy wind". Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for today. Give it a try and surprise yourself.

So what about the wind portion of this prompt? I am still doing the Wind Challenge by @metametheus. You can find about how it works here:

And The Wind Cried......

The point was to make one small change and see where it takes you. I am still working it and thrilled with the results. One change has led to many more and I see only good things coming on the horizon. This is one reason I need to heal from edema, so that I can get back on track.

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motivational thinking thank you.

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Semoga cepat sembuh..

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I agree...just because you look fine doesn't mean you're all right. I love swimming, too. I miss my pool but I left that with the marriage.

You are one creative lady!!

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