Not Shopping after the STEEMFest Dinner Cruise

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I'm window shopping after the STEEMFest closing night dinner cruise. We are all being herded off the boat and onto buses that will take us to an undisclosed location for drinks, snacks, and farewells.

A perfect ending to a lovely event!

I'm opening my Market Friday post today with flowers for Denise @dswgle to hide the treasures coming up. For a quick walk through a closed mall, this was a special treat.

The flowers at my Kuala Lumpur condo property also make me happy.

market friday dec 6 2019.jpg

And now here we go on the way to the bus.

Is it the swinging 1960's in Bangkok?

1 IMG_20191110_222129.jpg

The window display stopped me dead in my tracks. My stylish mother would have worn all of these outfits back in the day. I had to take a closer look.

2 IMG_20191110_222135.jpg

This was more stunning is person. Each of the colors were separate patches which were pieced together beautifully. I did not see prices on these outfits, but I think they would make me faint.

3 IMG_20191110_222152.jpg

I can think of two managers in my accounting career who would both love and wear this power suit.

4 IMG_20191110_222157.jpg

I want this jacket so much! So pretty, embroidered perfectly, and completely inappropriate for my bag lady style.

5 IMG_20191110_222207.jpg

See! Photo credit to @ace108 while I was asking a question on one of the conference days. No lovely embroidered coat for me!
sharon steemfest question ace108.jpeg

If my jacket with stuffed pockets matches my leggings to help edema, and my top and skirt match my STEEMFest credentials, I feel like I have a win.

This next photo stands for all STEEMFest events, if not my entire life. After I got done salivating over expensive clothing, I followed regular people waking at a normal pace. Behind them, I scurry along and hope not to miss the bus.

6 IMG_20191110_222234.jpg

Then I got distracted again by purses that all cost more than my rent. I focused to get the prices but failed. Suffice it to say you must not be worried about money to buy these delicate silk and satin bags.

7 IMG_20191110_222307.jpg

You take this baby on your 14 day cruise through the Mediterranean or to Hawaii.

8 IMG_20191110_222314.jpg

What shape is this for a bag or purse? How do you even carry it? It is way bigger thanaa briefcase. I don't get it. Pretty rose pattern though.

9 IMG_20191110_222327.jpg

I love the shape of the purse on the front left, though it would be quite useless in real life. The one on the right looks like a purple pumpkin. And in the back is the boxy one again. Maybe your butler or your valet carries it for you.

10 IMG_20191110_222344.jpg
So pretty! Such vibrant blue! So easily ruined!

11 IMG_20191110_222356.jpg

And a final flower photo from my same condo garden as above. I really love this purple against the green!


My post today is for Market Friday by @dswigle. Denise is all about Christmas in her post for this week, so don't miss it! And show us any place you can shop for this interesting worldwide challenge.

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haha... you look good enough to model for them.

I'm sure the offer is in the mail, lol :)

I agree! That jacket would look great on you! Sweet post! Steem on 🎄💗💯

Aw! Thank you so much, @yogajill :)

If the bags are more than your rent, I do not want to know the price on the clothes!!
Nice post.

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Yikes!!! Who buys clothes that expensive? Well, that is rhetorical. Certainly not me. :) But, I do like to window shop. And yes! I did like that purse that could go on a 14-day cruise, but, practically speaking, I don't even like purses when I am cruising. Too much bulk. I like to have nothing in my hands.

I loved that picture that @ace108 took! It was a great shot and I think you look fine. I want to thank you for taking me along with you to the steemfest! How lucky for you to have gone. I'm so jealous! Was it as good as you hoped?

I'm always interested to see how close people are to their online personas. So far, mine are about 1/2 and 1/2 ...Either just like it or nothing at all like it.

Truth. I loved the black and white purse.

Le sigh. A girl can dream, can't she?

Thanks for being part o the challenge and dropping the link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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I noticed you have the same downvote friend as we. He only downvotes us harder as you.

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Yes, this is a mess.

@fitinfun The next week more broken necks and bigger downvotes coming up...❤️

How do you know this, @wakeupkitty?

@fitinfun read posts and comments and see what happens.
Follow the downvoter who gets richer and started downvoting with higher amounts. You might have your friends who upvote you but most people don't. I am one of them.

I'm ignoring that whole thing for the moment, @wakeupkitty. I have too much going on to worry about that loser. I just try to help where I can with tipu for people getting the bigger amounts downvoted. There is only so much I cann do while sick.

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