December is my favorite month to take stock

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December is a planning and reflection month for me. I take time to reflect on the past year's activities and think of what I want to accomplish in the next year.

Often people do this in January, but that is when the new year starts. I want to hit the ground running by the time the 1st rolls around.

Since I do weight loss work, I notice people taking an interest right after Christmas that lasts until February. So I want to take advantage of that motivation if I can.

December is good for time off from work and school. When I worked in offices, often I took my vacation time in this month and other times the place I worked for closed anyway. So this gives free time not available at other times of the year.

A lot of STEEMians seem to be of this same mindset. We have contests running to talk about your successes and failures. So maybe I have the right idea.

Unfortunately, I will not have time off this year. Or maybe it is fortunate. Whenever other people take time off STEEM, I work harder. I get better votes on weekends and holidays just because others are not posting. My auto-votes are higher and I get votes from people that normally do not vote for me.

They have to vote for something, and here I am!

My post today is for @marblely's Thurday Favorites. This ccc contest runs weekly, so please join in!

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  • dApp, tokens/tribes and gaming review posts
  • dpoll- STEEM and lifestyle questions
  • BitcoinMalaysia playing card posts; coming soon!

My most recent summary of Minnow Tips is here:

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These tips will help you if you are new and struggling on STEEM. Tag me in any comment, and I will help you if you ask me to.

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I tend to start my planning in February, at that time, many people I know are already "falling off the wagon" while I am barely getting started. I plan in February and take action in the very early spring.

I hadn't thought about checking my autovotes to see if they are higher when others aren't posting. Another great tip from you.

How's your edema? Did that Dr. Visit help any?

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We stopped by to give you an uovote and wish you a great day @team-ccc.

I think here it is a custom to have your list with goals for the new year ready in December. I think each day is good for a review and change. Happy day.

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It is a good strategy to plan in December for a good start in January. And keep posting in December is a good plan too :)

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