Looking forward to better health very soon

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I finally got to the medical clinic near me in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and saw a doctor a few days ago. I liked him and felt good about how he treated me. He gave me diuretics and narcotic pain killers after the visit. There is a pharmacy onsite, so that made it simple.

Seeing him reminded me of why I do not like to go to the doctor - especially someone new. He was quite horrified with my level of risk and illness. I am sure I am the sickest person he has seen walk in the door lately.

He said the edema is a symptom of worse trouble. My pulse was erratic and weak, my blood pressure was too high, my breathing is difficult, and my heartbeat is its usual mess.

He only charged me for the medications - no consult fee since I am broke without insurance. What a miracle.

I am taking the diuretics at half strength twice a day as indicated for the elderly like me. Fluids are finally starting to drain from me, but slowly, slowly. I should be in the bathroom with urgency every 30 minutes, but for some reason I am not.

At the same time, my rheumatoid arthritis pain has gone off the charts. The diuretics exacerbate the pain and this makes it hard to focus on anything else. The painkillers make me a zombie, so I only take them when I am ready to try to sleep.

I'm walking outside twice a day, wearing many layers of tight-ish clothes, drinking as much as I can, exercising with stretching, eating lightly, and resting with my feet up 18-20 hours a day.

My upper legs are so swollen that it is throwing off the alignment of my hips and causing trouble when walking. I do not normally have hip pain, but I do now. All walks for food and water take at least 3 times of my usual slow pace.

Regarding clothing, everything I have no longer fits. Everything is tight and I can only wear it for a short time before I have to rip it off again. I wear everything inside out so the the seams do not dig into me.

None of my knee socks can even go up my swollen calves, so I go halfway and then fold them back over to my feet. I cannot wear my normal shoes and so am in very uncomfortable sandals when I walk.

Lots of laundry, lots of showering.

I tried to do an estimate in pounds of how much fluid needs to drain:

lower legs 10 pounds
upper legs 15 pounds
gut 15 pounds
left arm 2 pounds

total - 42 pounds.

This may take awhile.

Tomorrow I will take a full strength dose of the diuretic first thing and then go back to the lessor amount. I hope that will boost the fluid removal so I can get rid of it faster.

My photo for this post is of "Tourist Water" they sell in the airport in Yangon Myanmar. It was expensive, so I only got the photo with my Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera.

This post is my entry for the Looking Back / Looking Forward Contest by @wakeupkitty for CCC. This week she is asking what we look forward to this December. I am looking forward to much better health.

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@fitinfunfood I am happy to hear you saw a doctor, I pray that with the meds you will start the healing process. Take care.

@fitinfunfood May my prayers be quick and healthy, my sister. it is good,You approached the doctor .follow the doctor's advise. InshAllah my sister will recover soon.

Perhaps you should use the given dose for 2-3 days first and if that works a bit less. It is given for a reason and all the fluid will press on your organs which is dangerous for sure. It helps you like the doctor. Hang in and stay close to the toilet. 💕

Thank you for your entry.
You have number 10.

@olivia08 you might to read and comment this.

I'm so special to have this.
Thank you. I adore your mom and dad.

@olivia08 If you mean my parents there is nothing to adore about them. They are cruel and filled with hate.

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This sounds horrible! I'm so sorry you are going through this. Does anyone know what is causing it? Do you have any ideas?