Not finding napkins on SE Asian tables

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Napkins are not on offer in SE Asian restaurants. If we have anything paper on the table it will be more like toilet paper.


Sometimes the dispenser is on the wall, and sometimes it is not there at all. Other times it is set out nicely for you to use.


Most restaurants have communal sinks you can use to wash your hands before and after you eat, and most people do that instead of using any type of paper.


Paper products are not as prevalent here as they are in the west. They call bugs such as termites and there is not a lot of woodcutting for paper products anyway. There is hardwood for things like furniture, but not softwood for paper.

I'm used to this now, and like most people carry small packets of toilet paper with me. We often do not have any paper in the bathrooms either and so you need your own if you are going to use it.

Every bathroom is equipped with either a "bum gun" water hose or another form of water for your sanitation. Many people here think of using paper in the bathroom as unsanitary and they are slowly getting me to agree.

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I must say after living in Italy for a while I was really won over to the bidet idea. It is much more hygenic than paper.
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