Oatmeal for New Years

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I've been eating a lot of oatmeal lately. It's easy to keep on hand, inexpensive, and I like it.

I'm using instant oatmeal and just pouring boiling water over it since I am not using the kitchen here in my Kuala Lumpur condo. I have a kettle in my room to boil water, and that is good enough.

I usually doctor my oatmeal up quite a bit. Here is how I make it when I have all of these ingredients.

Chop fresh ginger root finely and cover with boiling water to soften.


Add a cracked raw egg to the ginger root and stir after a bit. It cooks in the water.

Add chopped seaweed, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, sea salt.


Add oatmeal in a couple of batches and stir. Add more boiling water as needed, but keep it thick.

Add Thai holy basil seeds and let bloom

Add raw honey or brown sugar.

Squeeze lime juice on top.


Taste test and eat!

My post today is for the Take a Pic Contest by @olivia08 for CCC. This week she wants to know what we ate for New Years, and I am pretty sure oatmeal was it for me :)

I took all the photos at random times that mostly did not have to do with oatmeal!

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It's a good healthy diet. I will try this and save the recipe. You for sharing this and your support toy contest.
Happy new year and God bless @fitinfunfood.
Thank you for the @tipu from you.

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I have normal oatmeal and just poor water over it and wait and that works the same. Tastes way better and is cheaper as the instant we have here. I like it too

I had oatmeal too :) But I am intrigued by your mix of savory ingredients. I should try your recipe some day. Thank you for sharing @fitinfunfood!