Tiny limes are my go-to remedy these days

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Here are some tiny and very sour and pungent limes that are very cheap in Malaysia. I get them for maybe $1.50 USD per kilo. That's a lot of limes, but I will have no trouble going through them before they go bad.


Limes are my Vitamin C source while in Malaysia. I pour the juice on almost every thing I eat.

Today I am making lime and ginger tea to try to break this edema that is not wanting to leave my body.

I cut all of the limes in half and will squeeze them by hand. They are extremely soft, so I can do this trick without hurting my arthritic hands.

The plate is propped up by my laptop and I painstakingly picked out all the seeds.

It's hard to tell, but that is a lot of juice. I will get maybe 6 tablespoons out of it.


You can see the ginger I have cut, the many seeds and the waste from the limes. I really should dry the rind and eat it in some way, as the vitamins there are very strong.


I'll boil water, put the ginger in a cup with it and then let that sit until the water is cool. Then I will add a LOT of lime juice and sometimes raw honey.

This is supposed to get me to pee shortly, but sadly has not been working. I'm drinking two to three cups a day now and less than one cup comes out.

My friend @iamjadeline contacted the local clinic right outside my condo gate today. It turns out a consultation will be 30 RM - $7.50 USD.

Yes, I said seven dollars and fifty cents to see a doctor within walking distance of here.

I will go tomorrow. My natural methods have been tried for weeks and I am barely improved. A few diuretics is a next step I hope. The prescription for them will be inexpensive too.

I really need this illness to end so I can get back on track 20 hours a day in bed, exercise, elevating my feet, tight clothing, and lots of liquids have not worked, so hopefully this nice Malaysian doctor will.

I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for these photos.

This post is my entry for the Bilpcoin weekly Food Photo Contest. Show us something you like to eat and you an enter too.

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Get well soon! Health can be an issue to obstruct us from many things in life. It is nice to have a friend like @iamjadeline who is willing to help when she can.

Good luck with the Dr. Hopefully you find a good remedy soon.

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