@Writeandearn resumes Curation Activities on Esteem app

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@Writeandearn is basically a curation account with lots of stake of MARLIANS Tokens. Our Curation activities have really been centred on #writing #steemchurch #goldencenserdaily #goldencenserchallenge. However,we were limited by a reliable steem Dapp the make the curation operations to be easy.

With @esteemapp, our curation would be enhanced and there is need to expand our scope of curation to more steem tags.

Soon,we will be recommunicating our purpose and Goal on Steem Blockchain and it's high time we commenced.

While trying to make out a start here, it Dawn that the new esteemapp should make a provision that highlights posts that have been commented on and reblogged. This would make curation easy for for curators.

That is, as applicable for upvotes, the reblog and comment icon under a post "not yet opened" should have an indication that the curator had already (or not) commented or reblogged the post.

We hope the @esteemapp team look into the dev issue and profer a solution.


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