"It's borrowed tomorrow, will have to pay!"

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"It's borrowed tomorrow, will have to pay!"

A few days ago
A few sons of Mianwali

And from the tri-stop
With respect and respect
Seated in the car given by Allah…

all of them
Were also surprised
And also worried ...

By accident
of them
Even a son
I didn't know personally.

Wondering their amazement
I did
Started chatting with them.

Son !
Don't you all be surprised!
I did
Did no favors
Nor do I deserve it!

I am
In installments
I am going to borrow!

The debt of those people
It was important at that time
Whenever i
Just like you
A common,
An anonymous
An unimportant,
Was a poor student!

Mee too
On the way to college
From the cashier's point
Someone is a servant of Allah
On your bike,
On your dotson, on your bus,
On your car, on your pajamas,
I used to take it with respect
I used to be surprised too!

It is now known
All that too
Who were indebted
Episodes were being paid!

Son !

Remember !
It's a loan!
Debt to humanity!

in this
Shia Sunni, Wahabi Ahl al-Hadith, Muslim Kafir,
Pathan Barber, Syed Awan, Heir Lohar,
Blonde, rich and poor, does not distinguish -

And tomorrow
All of you too
It has to pay off debt

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