There was a time when happiness was very easy.

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There was a time when happiness was very easy.
Meeting friends, meeting loved ones, doing good, clearing one's path, helping someone.
Sweet melon came out, watermelon came out red, mangoes did not leak, ate toffee, brought samosas, eat jalebis, found water hot in the bathroom, got admission, passed out, matriculated, done FA, B He did, MA got married, ate, invited, got married, performed Umrah and performed Hajj, built a small house, took out suit for Amy Abba, took jewelry for his sister, arrived home prematurely for his wife, The children arrived, the children got older, they got married, the grandparents became the grandparents. Everything was easier and everyone was happy.
Then we started looking for trouble, which school to get the child in, the position to come in, the number, the GPA, what the boy does, what is the car, how much, the salary, the clothes are branded or Then copy it, lie then defend it, politics became the industry.
Away from us
Maybe our kids know about army positions, but they know what city DHA is in. All they know is how old the house is, then the orchard schemes arrived, the houses were bigger than the times, and we were far away, sources. Earnings did not rise, loans on cars, motorcycles, TVs, refrigerators, mobiles, all credit cards.
Then their bills were electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, mobile bills, services bills, then children. Children's cabin, children's taxi, baby driver, children's car, children's mobile, children's computer, children's laptop, children's tablet, wifi, cars, ship, fast food, outdoor dining, parties, wedding Yes, friendships, divorces, weddings, beauty parlors, gyms, parks, where to go this year, we all took it and we are enjoying life on our own.
Do you know that you have lost happiness?
When life was simple, it was impossible to determine the amount of happiness now.
Simplify your life
Re-establish relationships, make friends, invite to home, invite you to tea, or have breakfast with Molly's family, skip all distances, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TV, News, drama, music, these are all distant paths to sit face to face, listen to your heart and listen, smile.
Believe it or not, happiness is very cheap but free, and hassle is very expensive for which we work so hard, and then get it. Happiness is never in traveling on a charter plane.
If you put new shoes on the bed and put your feet down on the bed, the shoe will get dirty.
It is just a matter of feeling, then, if you break a biscuit in tea and see if you fall down, what time will come? Instead of smiling bells, just smile and come back, just smile and talk to friends. Don't mention the achievements, the factories.
Go back to the olden times when eating a coffee toffee, drinking half a bottle of fanta, putting everyone in a cigarette, and hiding.
The kebab egg burgers, called closed plaster, were distributed.
Pay the bills, do not exploit the poor by calling expensive places, Old Anarkali, Jain Temple is also in Lahore, Aram Cafe, Melody, Aabpara are in Islamabad. Invite friends to all your old places.
What we have to do is find a tea box where there are fifty types of tea. Let's go to a place where tea is made for everyone.
Let's start cheering again.


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