Today From home, when the foot was out

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"Today From home, when the foot was out!"

Whenever I get out of the house
Dad goes to the elderly.
Their hands
Kiss, apply it to the eyes
I ask them about last night's cover.
Then from them
With countless prayers
Mother goes to Majda,
Who have
A while ago
I've sat down and drank the milk leaf.

Mommy kisses Ms. Hand, eyes,
and then
In the name of Allah, the Messenger of Allah and the Messenger of Allah
To see you all
Get out of the house

Today, many years later
I was walking home
For a very big purpose
I had to sell my car ...

My father was also depressed, silent.

When the mother started to say goodbye
They did
Hugged me twice and hugged me!
Kiss my forehead twice!
Kiss my hands twice!
And very sad,
Shout with a trembling voice!

May Allah bless you with all the lamps, do not be afraid, do not be ashamed!

Son !
So long after you
On foot walking
I'm so sorry!

I did
They put their hands on their eyes
And said to them!

I know John!
24 years ago
By praying for your people
To achieve a noble cause
From that house came the unsuspecting walk!

I know John!
By the way today
To accomplish a great mission
By praying for both of you
one more time
Getting out of this house!

I'm pretty sure that
Allah love
Both of you have white hair charities
This time it will not embarrass you, too.

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