Brave 1.0 Released with new free rewards and iOS/Android

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I have been suggesting Brave here to everyone, its free and its build on chromium so 100% chrome addons you can install but it doesn't track you, blocks loads of shit and has native ETH wallets + own tokens to tip users - BAT.

If you don't have BAT yet CLICK HERE TO GET IT for desktop and/or mobile.
The link will check what system you use and send you to right place for downloads.


Of course, they won't share the coins to everyone as BAT is a big token so you have to, for example, watch my site using Brave to be able to get parts of the airdrop.

In that spirit, we’re excited to announce a new grant of 8M BAT to iOS and Android users worldwide. This BAT will be distributed to Brave users who will contribute back to your sites and channels.

The link i gave above if you are lucky (which means you have USA, UK or other IP) you may also just get 20 BAT right after installing if an add shows up (doesn't have too).

I personally use Brave for long time and love it, have crypto wallets and build in TOR.


With this news, the coin risen by 7% in price.

BAT Markets


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Bat is going places, for sure. I’m happy for them because their have a legitimate cause. Power to the people. Great post 💪

most def man, love it and love sharing it with people :)

It's a pity they don't pay the tokens you earn direct to your wallet. They promote and support privacy yet you need kyc for the uphold account to get your tokens

It does suck in terms of growing your own income, but its a good way to support your favorite publishers passively.

Yes definitely a good way to support websites and people you follow on youtube

Thanks for sharing the update, mate.

I'm definitely a supporter for what Brave is doing, and for what BAT is representing for. Privacy focus is a must nowadays.

That said, I've been using Brave for a year now, and I've not garnered much BAT tokens, so I guess I've been visiting unsupported sites.

Also, I've found their browser performance to be somewhat subpar, and their synching doesn't work that smoothly. While definitely better than Edge, I'll be sticking to Firefox for the time being.

I do wish the Brave team well in their endeavours, and I hope to see more updates and fixes soon :-)

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Great news

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I tend to use Brave daily so it's awesome to see publishers getting more value out of BAT.