Letchworth parkrun: Last for a while?

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I just finished a 5.049km running that lasted about 0hh:27mm:21ss !


I managed to get up in time for this run. I do not set an alarm and just see how it goes. I need time for some breakfast and to cycle there. It had been raining and there were a few drops as I set off. The ride there does not seem to get any easier with all that uphill, but Strava reckoned I was quicker on some segments.

With the coronavirus situation we were advised to hold our own finish tokens for scanning and then drop them in a bucket afterwards to minimise contact. There is a possibility there may not be a run next week. Other countries have already cancelled. Letchworth is a small event, but if bigger ones are off then many more could come and just shift the problem.

As usual it did not look like many were turning out, but lots of people appear at the last minute. Maybe they sit in their cars until it is time. I think many people set off a little too quick on the initial stretch downhill before 'carnage corner' and the long uphill run. It was not too muddy there and the boggy patches at the top may have shrunk a little since last week. I still splashed through some puddles. By lap two I was still going okay, but a little slower than I would like. A younger guy overtook me on lap one and I was able to keep in sight of him with a chance to catch up near the end, but he had a little more in reserve. A lady overtook us both with a kilometre to go. I gave it what I could near the end and came 33rd out of 98. I was 40s quicker than last week, but still a way off my best for the course.

It will be a shame if there is no parkrun for a few weeks, but I can keep on running anyway. My son was at the gym today and said they were taking extra care to wipe down equipment after each person used it. I was at the supermarket later and some things such as pasta and tinned goods were run down. It did not look like people were too worked up generally. I just bought what I really needed.

Life is likely to be disrupted in coming weeks, but we can try to still make it enjoyable and stay active. Running outside does not have to involve contact with anyone else.

Take care and run free!
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I think I am going to have a lot of time off in the near future to be able to do some more exercise. The problem is the weather is not going to be very cooperative. I wish it could get up in the high 50's or 60's so that going out and getting some fresh air would be a genuine option. Nice job on your run!

It will be interesting to see what restrictions get put on us in the next months. I would hope we can still get out as most will benefit from some exercise.

We were pretty busy at Hereford, although the changing rooms after were definitely quieter than usual.

Be a shame if the Park Run was cancelled, but then again there is a lot of close contact in that huddle at the beginning!

I am sure they will run it when possible, but it's up to the volunteers in the end. The fact that it runs every week generally is amazing.

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Great write up Steve. Well done again on managing a “brick” session.
Sad to have all of these running events cancelled but completely see the need. It’s going to be a funny old spring

Cheers. I will run anyway and it gives the parkrun volunteers a bit of a break. They work so hard to put it on every week through the crappy winter weather.

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER .

Yep , I ran just over 5K myself and took pics to document. A great exercise

Well done. I think more places are getting tracks like that to encourage people to get out. There is a new one connecting some villages around us that I need to properly explore.

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