Lunchtime Run: Warming up

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I just finished a 6.685km running that lasted about 0hh:37mm:48ss !


We really do live in strange times. The coronavirus is causing all sorts of events to be put off, including our company handicap race next week. The company in general is putting various measures into place to ensure they do not suffer too much from infection spreading through the workforce. More people will be working from home, but I will still have to go in and just minimise contact. The trains have been really quiet this week.

Despite all this I can still get out for a run on my own and that gets me away from others for a while. It was pretty mild out so I only needed a t-shirt and still got warm. I did my regular 30-20-10 intervals. The first and last kilometre were taken fairly gently, but I did go a little quicker on the way back as it is mostly downhill and got a Strava PB (personal best) on one segment.

I saw a few other runners out around the lakes today. I also had to dodge around some geese. They may be starting to pair up as we go into spring. I really hope we do not suffer to much time of total lockdown as I really enjoy getting outside.

The run felt fairly good despite my lingering cold. It looks like the pace was similar to others I have done on that route. Strava works out which were similar, but they will not all be doing the same intervals.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Running can be a good way to get away from things for a while whilst making your body a little more resistant to illness, as long as you do not over-do it.

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good splits man, i'm trying to get consistently under 6 mins on flats. Looks like you are in better shape than me. Well done

Cheers. I'm pretty happy with how I've progressed over the last few years. I'm never going to be a top athlete, but I can set my own goals.

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Ahh those 30-20-10s!

The weather does make a difference, it was loverly when I went out around midday yesterday, perfect running weather.

Still waiting for those Park Runs to be cancelled.... I'm sure it's coming....

From what I have seen there may be parkrun this weekend, but it seems to be a central decision to prevent people just moving to another event. Are you joining the club on Strava?

Oh hey yeay thanks for the link, looks great I just joined!

I was thinking the whole lot might be cancelled - like in most other countries!

Oh and there's also a Steem Runners club on parkrun that I created. Looks like just two of us on there so far. Mind you, I may need to change it to Hive Runners soon :)

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Nice job! My wife wanted to get out and snag some early groceries today, so I wasn't able to exercise. I will have to see if it is raining when I get home. If it isn't, I might try to do some intervals up and down my road.

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