Last workout before Track Closure

in exhaust •  3 months ago 

I just finished a 8.497km running that lasted about 0hh:50mm:24ss !


Today we have received the sad new regarding the closure of the Athletic Track due to the escalation of the COVID-19 cases in my city. Not only the Running Club has been impacted, the measure have reached Universities and Schools.
For the moment, Barcelona city has around a couple of hundreds of people with COVID-19 but the situation in many others cities of Spain is getting rapidly worst and worst so, the whole country is activating extraordinary measures in order to stop/smooth the impact of the infection.

Since my children will be also confined at home from tomorrow, I have asked for teleworking as well.

Anyway, back to the running track, today we had long intervals workout.
After a warm-up jog we/I did:

  • 2000m in 7'50" or 3'55"/km pace
  • 1000m in 3'43"/km
  • 2000m in 7'45" or 3'52"/km pace
  • 1000m in 3'42"/km

Resting 90 seconds between long intervals...only.

Feeling well, and strong...


Keep on running!!!

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If anyone can outrun this, it's you.

Hahhahaha, thanks man, but it is not only me playing here

Norway has shut down due to the virus. It’s so surreal.

Take care my friend

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