How About Extra Clout On Steem Or Outside Steem

You are a celebrity and we are your fan. As we continue to grow our network of 'certified uloggers', we may find some who have social influence whether on steem or outside steem. 
Extra clout goes a long way in creating awareness for your projects, dreams or you. Clout can take different forms too e.g a certified ulogger with some 1.7  million YouTube subscribers may be willing to give your product a  shoutout on one of his viral videos etc.  
Check out our list to find out what our 'certified uloggers' have in stock for you

Favorite Mentors



I will provide a 30 min chat session (audio or video) about community/project development and general success.

Starting at 100 MARLIANS


I provide a 30 min chat session (audio) to help you design your application UI and provide you guidance surrounding developing your steem front end.

Starting at 500 MARLIANS


I will provide a 30 min chat session teaching you about viable crypto investments. We will cover trading, blockchain, free/paid investments, etc.

Starting at 100 MARLIANS