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How nature can help you boost your financial returns in weeks.

Do you buy everything that you eat from the market?

I live in a geographical location on earth where citizens; especially the low income earners must diversify their way of putting food on the table.

For me, farming isn’t an alien 👽 to me because I was born in it. After my high school, I pursued my career as an accountant. My knowledge of keeping funds where they should (bookkeeping)has helped me in diversifying my source of living.

Reinvesting in Agriculture

I ended up an entrepreneur, a consultant and a farmer. But among the three, I derive much fulfillment in farming. I’ve developed this business ideas that even when I make money from consultation and from my crafting jobs, I usually reinvest them in farming for more returns.


This is my method, I invest my earnings in agriculture because of it’s huge returns without too much labor.

The picture above is my flowering vegetable, inside this singular vegetable, I can get seeds that can cover a plot of land. It doesn’t end there, after cultivation, seeds from this singular vegetable could yield unimaginable quantity of fresh vegetables which can be sold in the market for another good margins. Vegetables as such can be ready in two weeks.


The above picture is vegetables harvested from my garden. 70% of the food which my family consumes comes from our farm land, through this, we’re able to save fiat for other projects.


The picture you’re seeing above is today’s corn 🌽 harvest from my farm, I left them to dry inside the farm before harvesting them. This type is being preserved for a long term usage. From it, we could make out many food types like cornflakes, pap, cornflour, starch etc.


I utilizes some portion in my compound for the cultivation, sometimes I do replant them to others places with more space.

I hope that someone can also apply my method of reinvesting my earnings for more bountiful returns through farming.

All pictures used are mine, and original. It’s free to use; especially for agriculture and farming related topics.

I’m still your friend Maxdevalue, reporting from Africa.


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