Cashews, they are rich and we eat them a lot at Christmas, they are very useful for health.

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Friends of @steemit, I wish you a happy Christmas Eve. At this time there are many characteristic things that we consume, in my country Venezuela, it is customary to decorate the dining room tables, with sweets, cakes, fruits, and variety of almonds, within these is the "Cashew".


Cashew nut is a hard-shell nut that is attached to the top of the fruit, as a rule, medium-sized, pear-shaped, and the color of the shell is yellow, orange or red. The pulp is juicy and fleshy, the taste of the fruit is characteristic sweet and sour.

Cashews can be consumed both raw and fried. The specific flavor allowed them to be added to all kinds of salads, snacks, sauces and cakes. You can also make high quality butter with cashews, which is very similar to peanut butter.

Roasted cashews have an incomparable sweet taste. As a general rule, they are fried by adding salt, but even without salt, nuts retain an excellent natural flavor. You can use cashews to cook various dishes, thick and fragrant sauces, cakes. No other nut can be compared to this famous plant.

It is always important to know the properties of what you consume, so I briefly present the benefits of cashews.

For starters, they occupy the first place in magnesium, potassium and iron content, minerals that are beneficial to health. In addition, cashews contain many proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins A, B1, B2, iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium.

Thanks to its nutritional value, cashews can be used to treat dystrophy, anemia, metabolic disorders, psoriasis and toothache relief. They serve to normalize blood cholesterol, strengthen the immune system, improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

Cashews have a lot of tannin, so they spoil very quickly. However, compared to other nuts, cashews are much less likely to cause allergies.

I hope you are encouraged to enjoy the Cashew nuts this Christmas and that it gives your body well-being.

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