Thanks for the food.

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Every day I appreciate that we have food at home. This was our lunch today! Many despise sardines and say they are food for the poor.

I don't know if sardines are food for the poor, I love them! And my mom prepares them very tasty, these were prepared like fillets and are passed through a mixture of egg, wheat flour, garlic and salt. And then we fry them.


This is how sardines look when they are fried.


We also prepare a delicious salad. With cabbage, carrot, onion and coriander. We season it with salt, a little sugar and mayonnaise. It is really delicious.


To complete our meal we made rice! I appreciate all of this delicious food.

Many people look down on some foods, but I am grateful for everything because let's be honest we know that many people in these difficult times have nothing to eat and that is why I appreciate every single meal I have at home. In this case I was in charge of preparing the salad and it is one of my favorites. It is a fairly simple meal to make but very tasty.

What do you think of this food? Do you find it delicious? You know the sardines?

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Those sardines looks so yummy!! Bravo😝

Thanks friend

That is correct, thank God for having food on the table and the sardine is a very tasty and healthy fish and has many vitamins and nutrients. I really like having fried sardines with arepa with butter and a cup of hot coffee, for me it is my favorite breakfast. Good job, regards.

Thanks friend. That is a good breakfast

Y vaya que estaba muy sabrosa!

Si me alegra que te hayan gustado!💕

Sadly I don't have fresh sardines in Australia, we live in a part of the world where they are not available. I love tinned sardines but the fresh ones are the best. I had some in Italy.

It is a pity that they do not have fresh sardines. But I love canned sardines with spaghetti they are delicious. We also make them smoked, here many complain about sardines. And at home we prepare them in many ways and we thank you for always having food

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Interesting @denissemata, the only way I've ever seen sardines was in those little cans, pickled and they were terrible.
I wonder that they get large enough to even BE 'filleted'.
I liked your post, upvoted and reblogged it.
Well done!

This looks good.


Great creative way to turn sardines into fish patties! They are packed with healthy vitamins and nutritional content!🍽

So it is dear. They are also so delicious. At home we prepare them like this, also smoked and in tomato and onion sauce