6 Eggs, 12 Yolks

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Before you get too excited, this isn't the poultry version of that infamous internet video featuring a couple of young ladies in a diapute over some drinkware.

Instead this is the story of how a simple scrambled egg dish became a first time experience - no, not like that you pervert.

Before this week, in my almost 44 years on this planet, I have never encountered a "double yolker".


This week, I had six in a row. It started out simply enough, the idea was to knock up a simple scrambled egg dish. As well as being quick and easy, it helped use up some stuff in the fridge before we went on vacation for a couple of weeks.

As I cracked the first egg, I excitedly beckoned Miss 4 to have a look. As she watched in awe, I cracked a second egg. Double Yolker. Well this was odd. I cracked a third. Double Yolk. A fourth, yep you guessed it. The same also went for the fifth and sixth.

Amazing, and I still have another six eggs in the carton.

So is it natural, or should we be concerned about GMO?

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I don't think you need to worry. When i grew up our chickens(all natural, no GMO) would produce double(and even triple) yolkers pretty regularly....but i never encountered 6 in a row. It must be a world record.😁😁

Yeah, it was certainly unexpected. I'm not too concerned about GMO as the eggs are from a reputable egg producer, but it does make you think....

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Wow that is crazy lol. Ive had one or two double yolks before and i was amazed. Maybe you should play the lotto haha.


Well I did grab a ticket the next morning, so maybe I'll get lucky!!!

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Sure is nice to see you again, @sparkesy43–welcome back! Good luck in round 74.

Thanks @dandays, it's nice to finally have some time to get something down.

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Hey @sparkesy43, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!

Natural I hope, lucky for sure. Nothing like saving a couple of $$$ this time of year @sparkesy

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