Building Steam Temple Ruins

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credit to @xpilar
This post is inspired by artwork from @xpilar.
We are sou proud to make a story based on his art.
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The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition4)

Building Steam Temple Ruins

we stood among the temple ruins. From the results of further research and investigation we finally get to know the history of this temple.
STeem Temple is a relic of the Blokchen Kingdom.
The Blokchen Kingdom has been able to develop a highly developed civilization. This can be seen from the temple ruins. Even though we only have ruins we can reconstruct the size of the temple. This temple is on a plain with an area of 10 hectares. This can be known after seeing the foundation of the temple. The rectangular shape drawn straight line turns out to resemble the Borobudur temple in Indonesia. Royal architects have been able to build temples with very large sizes in the form of stone.
Based on historical records, it was finally known that this temple was built to worship God. Fortunately, complete records make experts will more quickly rebuild this temple.
various steps were taken to rebuild the Steem temple

  1. The first phase of restoration.
    All stone ruins are collected. After all are collected then selected according to the original type and location. This is intended to get the shape of the temple that will be rebuilt.
    End stones are combined with end stones as well. The existing patterns will be harmonized so as to form a relief picture as in historical and archeological records. Ornate stone with similar ornate stones according to the design pattern.
    Plain stones are also collected based on their size and shape. and stones on the east side are collected and so are the other sides.

  2. Second phase
    This phase is a heavy phase. In this phase the experts match the stones. This method carefully checks its shape and then tries to match it
    If there is a match then the 2 stones begin to show their arrangement whether it matches from top to bottom or left to right and begins to sketch the picture.

  3. Third phase.
    Experts and workers try to give a picture of the actual temple. this is done by matching the initial image with other image results. In this stage the stones are arranged stone by stone and piece by piece so that eventually the entire building starts to look in shape.
    Because the temple has 4 sides, the reconstruction of the temple must also involve 4 sides of the building. To complete the rebuilding, the inner temple must also be reconstructed. Usually reconstructions in this section have more difficulty because there are many rocks from plain space without any decoration. Often this cannot be rebuilt clearly because of whether the 2 plain stones are indeed in the real place or not.
    Temple stones that have been temporarily arranged are placed on the ground around the reconstruction site, each consisting of a special section. When the reconstruction attempt is complete, a temple section is formed.
    From the reconstructions we have turned out on the walls of the Steem Temple there are very valuable manuscripts. A note that states that the Blokchen Kingdom has recorded all the activities of the kingdom and its inhabitants. They get well-being with good work. the palace provides incentives for more diligent citizens. in fact there are also many royal figures who give assistance to citizens who are lacking. The manuscript obtained information that the kingdom which had dimmed due to attacks from the Kingdom of Downvote could return victorious after sharing improvements.
    until finally it could make Blokchen's job a great kingdom.

That all my story and thank you veru much for the chance that @xpilar give to us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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