Lose weight and look good episode 123

in fitness •  8 months ago  (edited)

I was supposed to upload a new video for the coming #fitness2020 week 3 challenge of 15 reps, but due to a small hiccup on my 3speak uploads from yesterday, the video only go out today's afternoon. For me to not spamming, is to NOT spam posting. So, #fitness2020 put on hold, should be back by tomorrow, like clock work.

Every beginning of the year, getting really near to the Chinese Lunar New Year, it usually will cause a major traffic jam in anywhere around the urban cities. Take a look at the designated car park, for god knows reasons where does these people came from, at 7 in the morning. Also, there are a lot more occupants in the park, hogging the pedastrian path tiying their shoe laces every 50 meters(If you're my existing follower, you probably heard me rant about people like to squat and tie shoelace when they ran out of breathe). Sometimes, within a kilometer, I can dodge up to 5 person that suddenly squat and tie shoelace.

Here, other than the amateur who is taking photo with cell phone, there is another over that side, probably watching YouTube whilst jogging?

A view from the West Park. This was one of the great place to take sun rise photo, but recently they have converted it to a car park, with a lot of lamp pole there, so I never bother to walk that side and trying to snap photo of the sun anymore.

And this road has been closing on and off for more than a year now.

Sun come up pretty quickly and the angle of the sun ray shining through the tree branches are amazingly cool. On a side note, even this backlane road where usually not many people came, there are other joggers come today, but ofcourse they will bend and tie shoelace later not far from me, and I will proceed to overtake them, and after they tied shoelaces, they will speed past me again.

One more, beautiful ray shining through tree branch. Why do I particularly like this? Simply because we don't oftenly see this kind of view here. It's either very hazy during the dry season where open burning causes heavy haze that is harmful to the respiratory system, or it's very clear sky after heavy rain. This morning is literally on a chill side, where the temperature stays around 23'C.

Just before I go home, and here's the Subway breakfast. Chicken roll with poach egg, mixed salad, olive oil and blackpepper powder, with a cup of black offee. Feeling absolutely awesome.

This is not a competition with @erikahfit but we respect each other and we give mutual support to each other so we will be on track and keep ourselves motivated. I want my sexy beach body, and she wanted a healthier body. I will recycle this portion of footer to keep reminding us we're on a mission.


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I love to read the "feeling awesome". Have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by. Wish you the very same awesome day ahead !tip

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I guess shoelaces are not made to jog, sprint or run with. 😐

You know what? Join the #wednesdaywalk with posts like these too.

Happy day. 💕


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Thanks babe. I'm just being grumpy about people who use tie shoelace as an excuse to take rest. Honestly, when you're tired, might as well get to the side and pant there, nobody is going to say wrong or trying to look down on you. I got tired I will get to the side and rest, why purposely squat and pretend? My shoelace never go loose even if I continuously run for hours 😂 and I know many pro runners doesn't stop and tie shoelace. Have you seen Ironman stop and tie shoelace? Oh wait, Ironman usually tripped and fall down, and call that an accident. Had that fall not take place, he or she could have won the race 😂 don't worry, I'm ranting again.

@davidke20 You know what? Next time you say "getoutvofvmybway ifvyou cannot run" if younpass by or "by shoes without laces if you can not tie them"..
Ventilate what you feel.it's good for the soul. 😁💕

Now you get the idea 😂 next time when you pay attention to the amateur runner at the park who always tie shoelace, then you know they're out of breathe. Come to think of it, was it because I'm not professional enough and my shoelaces hasn't been run until it broke loose 😂

@davidke20 I never meet people jogging or running. Here they are very skiny (bones and skin) or extremely fat. Both are not into running I guess.
But if I will say "Out of breath again?"

Was it because of my langauge too colorful? Or should I put it this way, they tie shoelace to catch a breathe 😳 !tip

@davidke20 Your language is fine.

I saw my first runner yesterday as I sat in.the car catching a cold in front of the library. She stretched on one of the benches 3 times and ran. The freezing cold might help.

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Nice plz help me im a new user plz follow me plz

@tipu Thank you. ❤️

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