Staying active during this depressing times!

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Are you still able to get at least 10k steps nowadays?

Since the Condominium management temporarily closed the gym and the pool, I honestly find it a little hard to reach 10k in just a few hours.

Unlike before, I could reach over 5k before 12noon because I can go for a walk around the community in the morning and go to the gym once it gets too hot outside, but now everyone wants to be outside hence most people don't have to work during this lockdown period, not inly in the morning but also at dusk that everyone jogs or walk around the community.

So, yesterday I have to spend extra time to reach 10k and I was dead tired and didn't have time to post on my actifit, samething happened the other day.

What exercises do you do at home that helps you reach at least 10k in just few hrs?

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Nice work! you are keeping the grind going despite the situation. :) <3
I have created a small spot in the garage as well and I've been doing my crossfit workouts over there!

I understand that your advanced exercise routine needs an appropriate space. At home, my kids and I are doing yoga, we've been doing some dancing and doing sit-ups. Despite having more than a week off, we do so many things a day (including such banal things as watching a movie and cleaning up) that we don't have time to get bored.
A big hug.

Careful out there! Remember your social distancing. It might be time to do some indoor video workouts like dancing or something...

Just by reading blogs on here I have noticed that people that are supposed to be in a self quarantine are breaking it, just because they are bored or don't like the food they have at home - also lots of asymptomatic people.

But you know this already....

Hope you don't go too stir crazy with the closures.

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Good to see you back. Everything is getting locked down here also, just found out today that I have one more day of work before we close till all of this is over. I will be looking for new ways to stay active and get some exercise now.

I used #stepchain app I easily get my goal steps of 6k steps a day, sige me balik balik lang lakaw sa room nya ah ah


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