When you're soaked with you're own sweat during your workout but you have to...

in fitnessmotivation •  15 days ago 

...keep going and finish your workout! 😂

Today's weight training is all about lower back, who else did their weight training today?

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You make me nostalgia about gym and soak wet cloth, but look good.

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Good job keeping fit and nice looking biceps.


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Good morning dear..keep smiling..

Thanks ☺

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Thats really great I have started but I can sustain upto 12 hours😁

I like your guns.

Haha thank you

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haha yes yes

Hello beautiful athlete @purepinay, not all of us have the energy and strength that you have, today I continue with walks and exercises for cervical and lumbar, it would be wonderful to have you as a coach, jajajja a dreamer. Happiness always beautiful friend, a hug

great ♨♨♨

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