Flowers For Friday!

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Flowers For Friday!


Ha Ha! Try Saying that five times fast!


I'm testing out posting from the new community "Always A Flower" by @dswigle aka Denise!


Look! I'm just gonna say it! I'm not good with change!

(Do you see what I did there, this is the first flower, a Hibiscus, fully bloomed)

I'll give it a whirl though! I know..I know, I'm using way too many exclamation marks so I will stop now. This is my first time posting from a community so I hope it all uploads correctly and if not then I will try uploading a different way...whew! I'm done with the exclamations. 😁


Thank you @dswigle for #alwaysaflower...




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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 23 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
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Thank you very much @pixresteemer!! 🤗 💞

Nothing better than a lovely flower to make you smile.
Fantastic photos.I love them all.

Thanks so much Neli!! I had these flower photos waiting in the wings and it seemed like the perfect time to post 😉

Now I am searching to post some flower photos too in this new community. 😀

I can relate to your feelings about change 😶😅 I am getting better with it though 😂✅👍💕

Excellent shots btw 😍😍😍 I especially lovee the hibiscus 🙏


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Thank you very much @reiki-ag!! I'm not good with change and wish I could say I was getting better with it but I probably stress myself out more than need be. I had the names of some steemians ready to call on for help if needed 😁

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Thank you @steemitboard!! 💖

Aren't flowers simply magical?! 💫

Gorgeous photos, Dee! @deerjay
My favorite from your gorgeous virtual bouquet album is the violet iris because it reminds me of our long lost friend, Spring!🌱☀️🌷

Thank you so much @ninahaskin!! They sure are magical and "our lost friend" will back here before we know it. I'm excited thinking about the return! 😊

You and me both! My body is sore and aching from doing Spring yardwork preparation all day Sunday though I admit it was a much needed therapeutic outdoor workout! @deerjay 🌱🌷☀️

pixel curAtion.png

Thank you very much @pixel-curation!! Very much appreciated!! 💖

Congratulations!! You did it right!! I want you to know that last night when I created this, it posted in the wrong place!!! How embarrassing! :)

Too many exclamations, I know, but, I was thinking then how much I didn't like change! I am not sure what to make of the communities, but, I like the idea of perusing the site for my beloved flower posts!

I thank you for sharing your beauty with us here and I hope to throw an occasional contest or two to spice it up a little! Thank you again! You are the best!!

Always a flower!

Upped and Steemed


Thank you so much Denise!! Don't feel embarrassed...everything was so new and you got right out there with a brand new community! I saw your link and was happy I did! I like a little spicy now and! 🌶️ 🌶️ 😁

Hehe! Me too!!!! We will see what we can do! :)

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Thank you very much @tipu and @dswigle!! 💖

My pleasure!

Love these flowers Dee. I joined Denise’s community also. 🌸 ❤️

Thank you so much Jo!! I think it will be a big community for sure! 🏵️ 🌻

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Thanks so much @trendotoken and @pixresteemer!! 💖