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I recently mentioned that I had cravings for these delicious egg rolls we used to eat in Holland

Although I knew that I could give it a try to make them myself, I never did until yesterday. In my previous post @hetty-rowan also gave me the advice to just give it a go, so I thought I should just listen and get the ingredients. The first struggle I had, was finding all the different recipes online. I have never touched this kind of dough before this, and I was afraid I would mess it up with the wrong ingredients or something. But then I figured, how can I know what is my favourite filling if I don't start trying to make those egg rolls myself first? Although I can eat them at plenty spots in Holland where they taste delicious, even there are pro's selling egg rolls for a living that mess it up. I just need to try, and from that first attempt start improving the filling until we (boyfriend included haha) love it. Let me take you along in the process with some pictures below.

Only vegetables, no meat in these egg rolls !

This was not on purpose at first to be completely honest, but simply because I didn't want to make it too hard on myself when I couldn't find the advised meat. If I would have followed the other recipes I would have been in the kitchen a lot longer as well, and this was actually meant to be a "quick" snack as well. Probably next attempt I will add some kind of meat. This one only contains veggies though. Here is the picture I took before even starting to prep anything:


The only thing that was there without using it (as I didn't knew that yet taking the picture) is the stock cube. So please ignore that one if you are following the filling I used the first time. I also added some ingredients later, as I had no clue how many rolls I could make with this filling, eventually I had 19 egg rolls, because I accidently teared up one spring pastry. Of course you may prefer using some more or less amounts of some of the ingredients, just try one, taste it and adapt the filling a bit.

Ingredients for 20 Egg Rolls

  • 20 spring pastry (you can find them in your loco toko)
  • 150 grams glass noodles
  • 300 grams bean sprouts
  • 4 spring onions
  • 1 big leek (the one we had was a bit too small imo)
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 egg
  • A fryer or a small pan filled with the oil you prefer (we used a small pan ourselves which worked fine)


prep step 1.jpg

prep step 2.jpg

Time to fill and fold the egg rolls

The folding of the egg rolls is something you need to try and get the feeling. I didn't make a picture of every step, so I have used the image below from another website. It's important to follow these steps or your egg roll will get a different shape. If you don't mind that, that's of course fine as well. Every time you are going to fill up the pastry with the filling, cover the remaining pastry with a wet kitchen cloth, otherwise your pastry will dry out.

Make sure you are heating up the oil at this point, so you can start frying them once you have the egg rolls ready. We used a small pan with coconut oil, and only fried two egg rolls at once. If you are using a fryer (if you have one I would prefer that option) you have to make sure that the oil stays on temperature, I read the advise not to fry too many at once.

Click here to see how to fold the egg rolls

To close the pastry, you can use a little bit of the beaten egg. Fry the egg rolls for about 5 to 6 minutes, and make sure to turn them around after about 2 minutes. Serve with some sauce of your choice, and bon appetit!


Leftover egg rolls

If you bought a packing with too much pastry (like I did), I would advise you to fill the rest as well, roll them up as you did with the rest, and then put them in your freezer. I remember that we always bought a whole bunch of them in Holland, so we could eat them as a snack sometimes. I don't know how long you can keep them, but you can look that up online according to the ingredients you used. My guess is, that they will be fine for at least a few months. This way you don't have to do the preparation of the vegetables every time you want to eat an egg roll.

Do you like egg rolls? Maybe you even want to share your special recipe in a comment? Please do, I'm curious to see other recipes of egg rolls.


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