A Jack Daniel's Burger - A new BraaiBoyTV episode

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A new BraaiBoy TV episode... and an epic fail!

So I created a community (with a focus on outdoor cooking) when they were first introduced... never DID figure out how to go about posting in it (I thought I just needed to use the #tag ... but none of my posts ever made it into the community... hmmmm.

Then today I noticed a drop-down on @peakd with a drop-down allowing me to post in my community... SWEET!

So I found some pics I took that day, wrote a few words, embedded my latest episode... made a lekker little post actually, and clicked publish.

BUT... then my post disappeared??? 😲😲😲

OK, so it didn't actually disappear... I just expected a different result to what actually transpired. You see, posting something in a community, doesn't automatically post that to your own blog as well... 😟 😟 😟 😟

Anyway... long story short:

... if you wanna check out my new Jack Burger recipe, please go check it out here: https://peakd.com/hive-112126/@braaiboy/when-jack-daniel-s-and-braaiboy-meet-for-a-burger

If you're into outdoor cooking, head on over to https://peakd.com/c/hive-112126... I'd love some company over there ;-)

I'll spend the next couple days reading up on how communities are supposed to work and then start promoting it ;-)

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Random question. No @playdice on Hive?

Hey @cwow2

@Playdice will be coming to Hive... just need to write (and figure out) a bit of code to fully automate payouts too... or the tools I use to manually extract payments need to move over to Hive (@semasping's ACCUSTA and @steemchiller's SteemWorld as backup)... unfortunately both those tools seem unlikely to be moving over... so, it seems I'm gonna be forced to automate payments (which I've been meaning to do no for months... so maybe a blessing in disguise :P)

Long story short: Yeah, I will be bringing @PlayDice to @hiveio "soon" ;-)

Hey @braaiboy thanks for the answer :D
I do think I heard something about you wanting to automate the payout a few months back ;) Better late than never :p

I would suck so much if @steemchiller and @steemworld.org would move to hive :c
I am not a coder or anything, so I really dont have any idea of how difficult this could be!(Okay, lying a bit, I know how to code websites, so I am familiar with the syntex/structure of coding xD)

Same with the automation, no clue :p
I properly should learn how to code in these times. Do you use Python?

Unfortunately no python for me... I'm an ex .Net & C++ developer, so it was easier to teach myself NodeJS/SteemJS with my old (and a smidge rusty) JavaScript knowledge :P

I tried to learn .net once, it was quite hard xD So I opted for php instead. But I am think about learning a bit of python or NodeJS for coding apps/dapps, not sure which is best xD

But, neat! Its also good to have a base of something and then expand like you did into NodeJS :D