4 o’clocky #thoughtfuldailypost WHILE EATING 🍪🍪🍪

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Some time ago I’ve written about the ‘best’ time to submit a blogpost so you’ll receive worldwide exposure.

I came up with the term 4 o'clocky and I thought this might be a great idea to make a blogpost every day at 4 o'clock local time with this title. Every day I’ll submit a blogpost about something that keeps me busy, a challange, a contest or something important enough to share so Lets blog on and See you every day here at 4 !

This is My 4 o’clocky for today...

I am checking my steemify app and my dm’s in Discord just casual as I do a few times a day. While steeming I am eating these great COOKIES 🍪🍪🍪

And in stead off enjoying the sugar rush, the wrapping paper is distracting me with the fat, sugar and salt information. The fact that one cookie is about 7,2g of sugar worries me just enough to stop eating cookie number three.

The fact that they are so good is just not fair. I did make me stop eating so, the wrapping is so important do you read the wrapping of the products you eat?


Thank you for stopping by, its highly appreciated, and please let me know your vision on steemit life in general.

Please remember, Focus on Being creative instead of being busy !

  • “Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results”
  • “Not everyone is a blogger but everyone has something great to offer"

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If the food is good, the wrapping becomes invisible to me 👀

@tipu curate

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Well the cookies were with chocolate 🍫 soooo good I threw the package away hahahah

You had me at chocolate chip cookies, but now that I see its Hazelnut, I'm dying inside, lol I'd love some and a cup of tea :P

The perfect combo hahahahah tea and cookies 🍪 to welcome the weekend

I haven't had a cookie in years because cookies, once I get started, are one of those food items that I can't stop eating until I've eaten way too many of them! I like to have half of a chocolate-chip muffin each morning with my coffee though.

When I do eat cookies I like them with milk. :)