Representing Jamaican Culture on A Japanese Tv Show!

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Just completed a day of cooking and filming for a tv program here in Japan.

The host of the show is apparently a famous Japanese comedian. I’ve never heard of him till the TV crew contacted us, but my wife was excited to meet him... that’s the main reason I actually agreed to do the show. I also saw it as a good opportunity to plug my Reggaesteem T-shirt as the show was about Jamaican food and culture so a lot of reggae fans will be tuning in.


Now to tell you the honest truth, I’m not the best cook, but I can do my thing. While it may not look picture perfect, the taste is usually brim. For the show, I made Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas, Chicken Soup, Ackee& Salt-fish, dumplings and I ordered a fruit cake from my Jamaican sistrin in Japan, she goes by the name JAN JAN :) Yup, not a fan of baking.

The show was highly scripted, the crew did their research though. They had slides with what we should say but..... my Kanji reading skills are slow so my wifey did most of the talking hehehehe, I’m actually glad it turned out like that, as she is the one who mainly wanted to do the show. ( last time we did some filming, I did most of the talking).

We talked about many things, including Bob Marley, Reggae music, popular spots in Jamaica, the economy, the history and more. The main segment of the film had Seiji ( the comedian ) test the foods we prepared and comment on them while we described the culture around the food.
It’s been a minute since I made Ackee & Salt-fish, even though I always have more than a few cans on deck for the Jamaican goods business.

Once the main filming was done, Seiji quickly left ( just like a star would). He actually rode his Ducati from Tokyo and was enjoying some touring.

Once he left, the crew spent a good amount of time filming the foods alone. It’s something I realize they do a lot on tv here. They like to get the steam coming off the food and then lift it with utensils.
In the pic above, the camera man is looking for the salt-fish in the Ackee & salt-fish dish in order to represent the food well on film.

Same with the Jerk Chicken, 1 minute shots, picking up pieces with a fork to get the full details.

The crew was very friendly and consisted of 6 people. I was glad to see at least one of them was female ( usually don’t see women on film crews here). It was all fun and jokes and they tolerated my twins’ hyper energy well ( of course though, it’s their job).

Chicken soup, it was kinda thick because we used pumpkins and it mashes out. But that’s how we like it.

The fruit cake JAN JAN made was good. It wasn’t too sweet. I admit though, I don’t like it as much as I used to.

Jamaican Fruit cake & Blue Mountain coffee.

It’s been a long day, woke at 7:00 and cooked till 10:00. Filming started at 11:15 AM and ended at 3:15. We didn’t get a chance to eat lunch. As soon as it was over and the crew left, my wife went straight for the ackee and rice and peas😄 . I went for the ackee and boiled dumplings.


Well, let’s see how the show turns out when it airs in mid November. If you made it this far BLESS UP and I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Well, you may not be the best cook, you say, but that looks good to me and I'd be happy to come round for tea any day :) What a great opportunity for reggaesteem, be interesting to see what response there is when the show is aired. Hope you enjoyed it ps dumplings look lush :)

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Just seeing mi partiko notifications pop up lol. It tastes way better then it looks 😄 I really like grilling but the kitchen cooking not so much. Yes let’s see how it turns out. Dumplings are my favorite. The comedian tried them it made him feel kinda sad he said as he has been to many countries in Africa and seen people who had to eat “dumplings” everyday as their main meal.

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Jamaican food is great! Ackee and saltfish is certainly an acquired taste, though 🙂

Indeed it is. There is no explanation for the taste either lol. It tastes like nothing else

Posted using Partiko iOS

Good cooking skills there. Hope the compensated you well and that a few people tune into ReggaeSteem. Note the time it airs and see if it impacts traffic at all in Japan, that would interesting to see.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Thanks, it's has been a minute since I cooked anything. LOL compensation and Japanese TV programs do not go in the same sentence. They paid for all the food stuff I used and then some change LOL, but yeah, sometimes you gotta take one for team Jamaica..... and wifey. Good idea, the youtube upload should get some good veiws too, lets see how it turns out.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Hmmmm. That looks so tasty! My mouth is watering already! 😋

The Rice and Peas was the best LOL

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Bro the soup 🍜 is a hit... the okra have my mouth watering just seeing it 😅

Chef Milliz represented our foodies well 👊🏽😎,,, something tells me u have pics holding back 🧐 lol ... weh d shirt deh bredda, know u plug it well 😂

Posted using Partiko iOS

Mi a tell you, I didn't even get none LOL,
Yo cooking nice still but I couldn't manage dat everyday. Hehehe just a pic with the bredda and the fam. Gotta wait and see how the clips turned out, should have some nice shots with me in the T. But yeah no verbal plug, the man dem ting script like the bible LOL.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

@dmilliz, Congratulations brother and definitely share the glimpses of it with us when it get released. I am definitely sure that ReggaeSteem T-shirt will spread eye-catching effect on TV.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks man . Will do.
Yeah , even though my son was on my shoulders blocking the logo half the time, I’m sure it will be seen by many into the culture.

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Welcome and i am waiting to see this series. Enjoy your time ahead brother.

Black people and Chinese have been cool with each other for centuries, embracing each others culture like cousins. 1 love

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Lol , that is true , they may act up at times but there is respect.

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Love it my boss! Represent- Reggaesteem to the world. Btw why di man haffi search fi di salrfish? Lol 😂 U

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Lol salt-fish did small up, they couldn’t make it out from the onions at first. The dude with the chopsticks found some big chunks though

Posted using Partiko iOS

Saltfish hunt yuh send dem pon 😂

Posted using Partiko iOS

🤣Next time I’ll make my slatfish chunkier, so anyone can cross it.

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I focused on Coffee and Cake..hehe...good job bro.

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Thanks man! That is what I had for breakfast today.

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