How to Cook "semolina's milk Halwa"

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IMG_20191109_094450.jpgToday i went to hotel where semolina's milk Halwa is cooked with very carefully. i took photography of all process of making semolina's milk Halwa. chef said to make that first he takes out milk from semolina and after taking out milk from semolina then he cooks semolina's milk halwa for customers.


it is semolina milk


it is semolina milk


it is semolina milk

it is semolina milk that will use to make semolina halwa. this milk is taken out from semolina.

now next step is have to cook halwa. in next step first sugar is melted in oil and sugar has been melted in big pot. you can see in photo that pot in which sugar is being melted. it is big pot.

it is view of sugar melting in big pot over fire.


it is view of sugar melting in big pot.


it is view of sugar melting in big pot.

after melting sugar, chef checked status of sugar melting point that i could not understand but he said that he is checking that sugar is not melted over.
After checking the melting point of the sugar, he mixed the semolina milk with the melted sugar that was in a large pan on the fire.


it is view of mixing semolina milk in sugar


after mixing semolina milk in melted sugar he mixed milk in all sugar and kept continue moving stick in pan.


it is view of mixing semolina milk in sugar


it is view of mixing semolina milk in sugar


it is view of mixing semolina milk in sugar


it is view of mixing semolina milk in sugar

dear friends! after mixing semolina milk in melted sugar . chef did not stop his stick and he kept continue moving stick in big pan till that semolina halwa came in its white brown face.
that was really amazing moment when semolina halwa was getting ready. i enjoyed each and every step.


it is view of semolina halwa that is getting ready. it is time to cook well semolina halwa. chef said if you wana make semolina halwa in brown color then cooked sugar more before adding milk. you will get halwa in brown face.


semolina halwa is near to ready at this stage and now need to cook it well to make tasty and delicious.


beatiful color you can see in big pan at this stage and i got really unique smell from pan at this stage that was really very delicious.


it is tasty semolina halwa


it is tasty semolina halwa


i paid great thanks to hotel and chef for this great time. i ate semolina halwa with tea and also took some selfie with semolina halwa. dear friends it is the dish that is very much tasty in my all village and district. people like it very much. i will go to eat this dish to other hotel. i will share with you my experience.






Dear my steemian friends! if you liked my this effort then do not forget to give me appreciations and please write comment under my post. your appreciations , guideline will be my power. thanks you very much for visiting and reading my post.

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