Giving up my favourite dish😢😭

in food •  10 months ago  (edited)

Hello Steemians and Tasteemians
Here is a dish originally known by all.
Its every child's best.
Even adults have gotten fond of this dish.
So sad that am finally letting go of my favorite dish.

At a point it became my everyday meal. And many knew me for it.
But now am giving up on it.
Instant Noodles per say has no nutritional value. We just make it our fast food but though there a way to increase its nutritional content and value. But most times we fail to apply those nutritional content.

But before giving up my favorite dish, will love to take the last bite, I mean the last plate and serve

I prepared my last noodles dish seasoned with fried eggs😊😊
Awwn yummy yummy.
Tasty instant noodles.
I love it
They love it
We love it..

I prepared..!
I cooked..!

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