Allow me to Indulge in Something Entirely Different – My Two Brilliant Food Creations

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A few things have been keeping me from being too active as of late, working two jobs temporarily and looking into other options for posting my content in case things don't work out here on Steem with the Tron nonsense (I'll stay on here until I lose faith that Steem will win out), so I haven't been able to post as much as I would otherwise have liked too. This all seems to be changing though, so I do hope to have a review of Rune Factory 4 Special soon, followed by the Megaman Collection and a bunch of anime that are soon to finish up this season.

That said, I have two food items that I have created in my life that have turned out fantastically, so I figured I would share them with you all, because why not? Neither of these are all that difficult to make, but I have never seen these anywhere else online so as far as I know these are both original creations. I don't have any exact portions for you, you'll need to figure that bit out yourself. :p

The Monarch


What you want to do is take a steak and split it in half the long way, so that you can use the top and bottom in place of bread. Cook until the steak is how you like it, I'm a medium rare guy myself.

Grill up some onions, we are going to add this to something else briefly.

You are going to cook up some scrambled eggs, and mix it with some diced up broccoli. Once done, mix in the grilled onion. The final bit is to cut up some slices of cream cheese. Mix it in with the Egg/Broccoli/Onion mix, or just drop chunks on top, either way works. And using the sandwich as bread, slop them eggs on top with the cream cheese and you have yourself 'The Monarch', though be warned there is no 'Clean' way to each this thing.

I imagine you could instead cook the steak with a slit cut into it you could theoretically stuff the steak and eat it that way, which may be less messy, but I was to lazy too put in that much effort to try it out.

Black Pancakes


This is very short and quick. All you are going to do is mix up some pancake batter (works with a few different brands well, the image I am using is with Krusteaz pancakes, though should work with pretty much any kind) and add some Squid/Cuttlefish ink to color, and cook the pancakes as normal. They are so much better then normal pancakes.

You may be asking yourself 'Could you do this with Waffles?' and I would respond to you waffles are shit. Waffles are just pancakes for people too afraid to get messy. Anyway, mix until it's the color in the picture, it is not much at all you will need. A very small amount with drastically change the appearance.

Anyway, thanks for letting me indulge in a silly food post, my regular anime and gaming will quickly resume. If you are looking to keep up with my writing even under the worst case scenario of Steem becoming nonviable, feel free too follow me on Twitter ( or over here on Read.Cash ( where I am backing up my articles, and where I will be posting if anything happens here.

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