Palak Corn Sandwich Recipe!

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Sandwiches, according to me, are the best snack. They are tasty, filling and at the same time can be made super healthy. There are so many different ways you can make a sandwich, you can use different breads, different sauces and spices and can have amazing sandwiches in no time. You can also experiment with how you want to have them – grilled, plain or tawa warm.


Today I will share with you a new sandwich recipe – Palak Corn Sandwich. I had this sandwich for the first time at a coffee shop and I’m in love with them since then. Palak is extremely rich source of iron. I don’t like to eat palak as a vegetable so I compensate the nutrients with the palak in the sandwich. Kids would surely love it because of cheese and corns.

Cooking Time

5 minutes each sandwich

Kitchen Standing Time

15 minutes


2 people


Tomato Ketchup, Potato Chips/Fries


• 250 gms Palak
• 200 gms Sweet Corn
• 8 slices of bread
• Mayonnaise
• Cheese Slices
• Salt
• Pepper
• Butter

Step 1: Wash the Palak properly 2-3 times to ensure there are no dust particles. Let it cool. Once it cools to room temperature, crush the palak in a mixer to a fine paste.
Step 2: Boil the sweet corns and let them cool. Now mix the palak and corn in a bowl.
Step 3: Add mayonnaise, salt and pepper to the mixture and mix well.
Step 4: Take a bread slice and add the mixture on it. Spread evenly. Now place a cheese slice on top of the palak corn mixture and cover with another bread slice.
Step 5: Head butter in a pan. Once hot, heat the sandwich on the pan until brown.
Step 6: Cut the sandwich into 2 equal halves and serve with Chips and Tomato Ketchup.

*Enjoy the tasty sandwich with a hot cup of tea in winters! *

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