Blind travel

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-Let's go on a trip,

hello Jecheon . Sierra J :-)

Jay greeted to get a marriage permit, felt the thrilling tension, went to the
wedding exhibition for the first time
, signed a class wedding company,

and it was very difficult and easy.

Now I'm Jecheon, North Chungcheongbuk :)

I suddenly rested for two days in a row
, and after saying , "Okay, tell the company that you only have two days off," Jay also
went on
and went to the express bus terminal last night as soon as he left work .

Without specifying a destination, the
terminal says, 'Here it is! 'Just go blindly where you want.

I've always tried to do this in words, but it's finally done.

thinking where to go to Samcheok Gyeongju, Donghae , I decided to go to the valley right

away and bought a ticket right away.

Cross would not prepare anything
I know is where jalji, moving, but do not even know where to explore
, so the more exciting and happy ^. ^

Tom naerini rain is wet and was wearing
was one or four wore flip flops in the market.

Right now
I'm having a really relaxing and romantic time on Urimlim Duck Boat .

Of course, it is good to travel in a well-planned plan, but
this class trip is also very attractive.
A trip with your lover suddenly ♥
How are you going this summer?


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