Jeju Sanbangsan Restaurant Zen Hideaway Satisfying the taste and atmosphere

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Jeju Sanbangsan Restaurant Zen Hideaway Satisfying the taste and atmosphere

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Jeju Sanbangsan Restaurant Zen Hideaway Satisfying the taste and atmosphere

There are so many rape flowers in Sanbangsan now

If you look at this area from the sky with a drone

It's going to be yellow yellow waves all over it.

I have a friend who visits me like a butterfly

Passing through a field full of rapeseed flowers

To meet my husband and my friend who traveled to Jeju

How many years have you seen a friend?

Zen Hideaway is under construction on the other side

The restaurant on the first floor and the resort on the second floor are open.

There is a parking lot at the entrance so you don't have to worry about parking.

If the weather was as clear as yesterday, I would have shown the wonderful sea of ​​Jeju.

It's cloudy and rainy sky

The light of the sea is of course blurry.

If you look at the blue sea between them, you will be cheered.

I missed you a lot.

Jeju Sanbangsan restaurant coming down the stairs between the buildings

Zen Hideaway.

Food is also food, but it is also famous for its wonderful scenery.

Brother Island

From Sanbangsan Mountain, Yongjeori Coast, Park Soo Kijeong, Halla Mountain

It's a restaurant with an amazing view.

The view was so good that I often came to have coffee

The place to build in front of the parking lot was where the cafe was

It's gone and moved here

The concept of the restaurant is stronger.

Of course you can come to drink only coffee ~ ^ ^

Jeju Sanbangsan Restaurant

As a restaurant with a view,

Many tables are impressive.

And the interiors are also in style

I think it's different from so many common places.

I'm glad my friend hasn't arrived yet.

Luckily the window was empty so I could sit by the window.

You can see wonderful scenery even if you aren't by the window

I can't feel the same .. ^^

It's been a long time since I've seen a friend.

I want to look around, but I'll see you later.

I tried to look at the menu beforehand and decide on a rough menu.

I've only been here a long time ago.

I can't say what foods I sell.

Like Jeju Sanbangsan restaurant, there are pasta about Geofood Sanbangsan,

I cook with ingredients here

I could eat more freshly.

Salad, Pasta, Thai Food, Steak, etc.

There are many different types of choices.

A couple of friends arrived when they were worried about what to choose.

It's nice to say goodbye and say hello,

Let's start by ordering a delicious lunch first !!

I have to meet in a few years and ask what

While there is no time to worry about what to say first.

I met as a parent but when my children are young

Many of you will know it's more friendly.

Get out the bread before the meal,

I'd better give you some more bread, ㅎㅎ

One piece of bread is too stingy.

Warm and crispy,

It tastes good.

Jeju Black Pig Carbonara

Jeju black pork belly is chewy.

Zen Cream Pasta

Beef Rice Noodles

A thick, deeply squeezed, soft sun-dried fruit was added.


Broccoli, bacon and mozzarella cheese

Spicy Tomato Sauce Pasta

Thai Herb Rice Noodles

Thai herbs such as lemongrass, galanga, and lime leaves

Enjoy authentic Thai flavor with Tomyum sauce

Deep seafood kalguksu

One by one, our couple are busy taking pictures,

Even if you only take one picture at a time, you shouldn't be sorry for your friend.

I don't think I'll eat anything like this

I didn't want to spoil my enjoyable meal, so I did it right.

The unique shape of the bowl attracts attention

The amount of food is so big that I like it first.

If I had eaten with my family, I would have tasted it once,

Just eat my pasta .. ^^ ;;;

But everyone said it was delicious.

The pounding of the person who introduced this place melts.

I was satisfied.

Black pork is crispy on Jeju black pork pasta

It's on top of poached egg

If you eat it with creamy pasta, you'll get hungry.

Cream sauce fits my mouth better than tomato sauce

I like the creamy pasta very much! ^^

It would be nice if a simple dessert drink was served,

Calculate and look around the room for a while

There are many kinds of gadgets for sale.

The way to the bathroom is very luxurious ~ ^^

No matter how big the room is,

The dignity of the Jeju restaurant is about this ~

There are many unique items and interiors

I stayed for a while and looked at it.

Sit here, take photos with your friends, and leave memories.

Jeju Sanbangsan Restaurant

Jeju Jen Hideaway

11 am to 9 pm every day

Before taking a group shot against the sea,

I decided to take a picture in the nearest rapeseed field.

I'll take a picture of a friend's couple

It was really nice to meet you for a while! ^^

Spring is in full swing near Sanbangsan

Feel the spring at delicious restaurants and flower fields ~ ^^

Nearby points of interest

There are Yonghead Coast, Brothers Coast Road, Songak Mountain and Jungmun Tourist Complex.

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