Monday Rome City Trip Part.2

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Monday Rome City Trip Part.2

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after lunch

Keep walking around Rome

Trevi Fountain Arrival

May your lover come back from war

Legend has it that they threw coins

Now I'm back to Rome when I throw a coin

Tossing a coin twice means love

All coins are used as donations to various international poor relief organizations.

There are so many people

Far from sitting there was no place to stand ㅠㅠ

Out of the crowd

Colonna Square

There's a column in Colonna Square.

A pillar of Marcus Aurelius, commemorating the victory over the Germans.

The name Colonna Square also means pillar in Italian.

There are so many boundaries around the square

I felt something safe ㅎㅎ

Difficultly found on the way

Among the Three Great Gelatoes in Rome

Not to raise tea gelato

The price is a little expensive


Arrival at Piazza Navona ^^

I'm painting with lacquer spray

Amazing, Great

Where do you learn these skills?...

There were many people drawing this picture around.

I went to a place where people gathered

Mime was in full swing

I really enjoyed it

A young friend with us gave a big smile by unexpected behavior.

I want to move from Piazza Navona to Popolo Square.

I'm a little tired because there are so many people

I am frustrated and come to the Tiber River .

Tribunali Square is across the bridge

I finally came to a place without people

Walk along the Tiber River

Now I came up from the river to go to the square

Arrival at Popolo Square

The square was huge

A musician

I took a video


People's Square


Egypt conquest monument obelisk

When you climb the pincho hill

The square overlooks at a glance

The most memorable popolo square

Walk down corso street

Arrive at Spain Square

Audrey Hepburn on a Roman Holiday

That stairway I had gelato

Before I go back to the hostel, I have to eat

Cafe Greco

250 years old cafe

I had a cup of espresso and bought some chocolate

And you should try it when you come to Rome

Champi Tiramisu

Strawberry and classic are famous

I packed both of them ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

When I come to my hotel, I eat strawberry tiramisu

very awesome

This is my first taste

Like I bought you two

I hope this will come to Korea quickly

As soon as possible

Or go to Rome to eat a real tiramisu

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