Was This Photo Mourinho's Greatest Achievement??

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Jose Mourinho won this with the same group of players as Solskjaer. Imagine that. Unbelievable. The man was performing a miracle under our noses and we did not realise it. The United board eventually succumbed to peer pressure and Jose got the bullet.
It looks like Roy had a point last year when he was punditing on Sky Sports.
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And not only that but he finished 2nd in the premier league that year. What kind of wizardry is this? Mourinho's record speaks for itself. Every club he went to he has won trophies.
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Just the 8 league titles then and the two champions leagues. The one he won with Inter Milan was seen as a master class. They beat Barcelona in the semi final. Here is how they beat them from the man himself.

I loved every bit of this. I know I shouldn't say this but if Pochettino did go to United then I would hope that Spurs go for Jose. If he gets the right team behind him then he can win all around him. The only problem is that Mr Zidane is half way out the door and the president Perez will be eager to get his La Liga winning coach back.
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It is incredible that if united had just shown patience and allowed him to get rid of Pogba and a few others where they would be right now. The problem is the people at United are blinded by what they used to be and are still living in the past. Tottenham should grab him if they can as they will win the league within two years with him.

Exactly, Jose talked his mind and said Pogba is a virus and he they instead chased Jose!!
Man United sacrificed Mourihno for Pogba, so bad.

I wish Mourihno comes to Spurs and shows United that he is still the best.
I am a Man United and Mourihno fan hehehe.

Love Mourinho, forever. Thank you for all the happy and beautiful moments! I still consider your Inter best team I've ever seen, because it was not just a team, but rather a big and strong creature with its soul, not another Frankenstein we are used to see....

Its an absolute travesty that the United board sided with lazy ignorant unaccomplished players over a Manager as distinguished as Mourinho. This man was too good for United.

Now to think of it, Mourinho really did well with this same crop of players. United simply lacked patience with Mourinho. I believe they couldve been way more better now if club administration gave him more time and acceded to his demands

Mourinho is indeed a great coach.. Just imagine winning trophies with the same set of players average players that are goofing under Solkjaer

His exit at Manchester United really exposed the weakness of the team

yes beautiful achievement i think

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Sometimes man is not usually appreciated until he is no more around or available

I am a Man United fan and love Mourinho for one thing...he speaks his mind, he doesn't mince words for the sake of press or anyone!!

Many people laughed when he said his biggest achievement was being second hehehe, people are now beginning to see that..months after he was sacked.

It is even funny Ed Woodward bought Maguire after Ole came, but refused to buy him for Jose Mourihno!!!

The worst part about siding with Pogba of all is that Pogba still wants to leave anyway. What are all his teammates supposed to think? Being frustrated and practically giving up is a natural response to such stuff. Other than Martial, who had his own issues with Mourinho, most of the players are in fact worse than they were under Mourinho.