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The other day whilst doing a post on Pep Guardiola I saw this and found it interesting as the two modern managers who have done well have spent huge sums.

This is not very surprising to see them at the top of the list when you look at where they both came from. Pep was a player at Barcelona and stayed with the club as a junior coach and worked his way up to take over the reigns. Jose was a translator/ 'B' team coach also learning the ropes at Barcelona. We all know how Barcelona spends and they target the top players and the price tag rarely scares them off.

The rivalry really kicked in and I suppose the spend at the same time with Jose at Real Madrid and Pep at Barcelona. It was imperative that they bought the league title home each year and that fueled the spending even more. A single player can easily cost over 100 Million Euros today so these figures look bad but in a few years time others will overtake them. I do believe these managers did help inflate footballers salaries by the eay they operated.

When we look at both their careers we could comfortably say they bought the glory and titles these teams achieved under them. Every club Jose has been to he has had his own way with the cheque book and maybe manchester United was the first club where he struggled with the purse strings. Ed Woodward and him clashed and it was always over the transfer market and certain players.

It has been proven time and time again if you throw money at something you will win the league such as Blackburn rovers did in the 1994/5 season. Jack Walker was a wealthy owner and he bought that title for the club spending what was at the time ludicrous amounts of money making the footballers instant millionaires.

Spending large sums of money became the norm for most teams as the fans saw that as the board being serious about their club. One club manager on the list stands out though and that is Arsene Wenger. He spent under 1 Billion Euros which is not a lot of money for the time he has been managing. He ran the club as a business and could have achieved much more if he had spent like some of the others.

I do believe spend and success go hand in hand and if clubs were limited to x amaount per year the likes of pep and Jose would not have achieved the glory thay have in their careers. This is why they tend to move fairly frequently having stints for about 3 or 4 seasons at any particular club.

Both Jose and Pep once taking over a team will normally achieve instant success in the first or second season as they have to justify the turnaround with the spend. I do believe if Pep doesn't win the league this year with Machester City it will be deemed as a failure and a 50% record for him having won 2 titles out of 4 seasons.It will be interesting to see if he carries on, joins another club or retires. There aren't many clubs left who could entice him with a fresh challenge except possibly maybe PSG in Paris.

I see these two managers as great at getting a squad together for short term results but they need to spend heavily every year to maintain this. If they were running a business model like Arsene Wenger was at Arsenal then they would most likely bankrupt a club as it is not sustainable over a long period of time.

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You can say that what they do is easier than a club that does not have those means. But we can't forget what Mourinho achieved at FC Porto, where he won the UEFA Cup in 2003 and the UEFA Champions League in 2004, followed by World Cup for club teams in 2004. This he did without the means he had at Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter or Manchester United. So Mourinho must have something special...
For Pep, his first years in Barcelona weren't the biggest spending years, but he had the biggest successes, although he had more quality than Mourinho had with FC Porto. Still, they accomplished something most coaches never will. That gives them the power to persuade the team management in spending huge sums... That's how it works.

I agree everyone wants the success so they get them in and open the bank for whatever they need. I think Mourinho pips Pep on what he achieved at Sporting in his early years.

It is really insane to me how much money is spent in football. I rarely pay attention because for the most part, the teams with the deepest pockets are unsurprisingly, near the top of the table. This is why I celebrated Leicester doing as well as they did a few years ago because they actually didn't have the money but still made it work.

That is why I am routing for Leicester and Chelsea this year. Both clubs spent very little and are in the top 4. Chelsea had a transfer ban imposed and had to resort to using all their youngsters which has actually worked out very well for them. Would they have done that if they has not had a ban?

I actually wrote about this today, something is wrong and Chelsea and Leicester are both a shining light

I would've thought Pep Guardiola was ahead of Jose Mourinho, however it seems the Portuguese have spent more by all means. We have to admit Jose had instant success everywhere he goes, just that he wasn't a manager for the long run. Wow what an amount of money spent

It is a fortune and what have those teams to show for it now as most of them are struggling.

The money is professional sports is at a very high level at the top. But I guess that's a natural result of narrowing down the search to the very best despite the fact that the differences between #1 and the 100 next might be vanishingly small. There can be only one world champion at a time.

I think the drop off from the managers in the top 10 to the rest and would like to see an average per season per manager. Wenger was with Arsenal for over 20 years so he did rather well in comparison.

Where do we put the likes of Jurgan Klopp who does not spend high yet wins alot

He is good and only spent $1.3 million this season.

Yes and his team is performing great I think he is underrated

Yes and his team is
Performing great I think he
Is underrated

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Yeah, this is all pretty common over here. I mean look at most of the MLB salaries and what they have to do to stay within the caps. It is pretty crazy. I can't even begin to imagine that much money!