Pep Guardiola Is He A Great Manager?

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If Pep Guardiola signs a new contract with Manchester City then it will be his longest managerial stint at any club. He is a perfectionist and when things aren't going his way he lets everyone know about it. Look at his reaction on Sunday thanking the referees as he just made a fool of himself. Being sarcastic by thanking them for a job well done was not exactly a classy thing to do.
Pep's record before arriving at Manchester City. Impressive yes, but look what teams he was managing. It is like someone going to manage Celtic in Scotland as you know you are just going to win everything.

Pep Spent 4 years in charge of Barcelona and won numerous trophies with a side that was strong already. Sure he added to what they had already but I am saying the team was already firing and just needed to be managed. 2 champions League trophies, 3 La Liga titles,3 Copa del Rey,2 Spanish Super Cups plus the FIFA World Club Cup twice. Basically everything in sight over his 4 years there and there were no challenges left.

At Bayern Munich he was there for 3 years and a similar story as they won the Bundesliga 3 years in a row plus the DFB Pokal twice which is the German domestic knockout trophy ,the FIFA World Club Cup Championship and the UEFA Super Cup. There was nothing left except for the Champions League which was not happening as his old club was still firing on all cylinders.
Does he buy his titles?

Moving to Manchester City with what looks like a never ending budget he has been there now nearly 4 seasons. In that time he has won the league twice out of three attempts as the fourth is happening currently. The team has won 5 other trophies in the domestic competitions, but no Champions League titles.
Sort your defence out and stick these guys up front and you should win more than you lose. He had quality players under him and bought whoever he wanted.

Some say he buys his trophies by assembling a very strong squad. He did inherit quite a few though and had a base to work from initially. Maybe not as solid as the previous teams he has managed, but still fairly decent. This is his fourth season and must register as a failure in his eyes if no Champions League Trophy or the English Premiership title is bought home to the Ethiad Stadium. It is looking more likely than ever this year as they are now sitting in the 4th spot in the league and have had a steady start, but not fantastic.
Things not going quite his way this season and possibly should have spent a few £100 Million more.

I think he will stay on as this is his toughest challenge and a job that is nowhere near finished. The other clubs he was given to run were strong already and was wondering if and what differences he made that possibly another manager wouldn't have. In Germany Bayern have been dominant for as long as I can remember and it is no shocks to see them win the title with a 100 percent record under him.

Is he that good as his name alone attracts players who want to win silverware. Personally I think what Jurgen Klopp has done with Liverpool on a far less budget is more impressive than what Pep has done. Jurgen was never at the top team like Pep as he was at Borussia Dortmund in Germany and gave Bayern a run for their money.

The impression he gave to me when I saw his reaction after the game was someone who expects and has had a lot of the trophies and glory handed to him on a silver platter and now he is having to work for it. If he is as good as everyone thinks then he should bring either the champions League or the Premiership Title to Manchester this season. I do have my doubts that he is as gifted as what everyone thinks and has just been very lucky with the teams he has taken on.

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He's a great manager but often he relies on money in other to really show his worth, that said he won't do well in a team like Southampton. So let's just says he's the money manager

I must admit if you have the right players you should win more than you lose and with the resources he has had has made his job easier than most. I don't know if he could manage a team Like Newcastle with very little budget and then the question is what type of manager is he and is he any good and I have my doubts.

Yeah he's good we must reckon just that his quality is questionable regarding the fact that might be lucky with the clubs he's been going to.

he was "lucky" with his clubs choices but he is good. feel that defense is not his strong point (he struggled in his first year) and some injuries made some problems.
klopp made some smart moves and now has a team that plays great and looks like this year winning mentally is here.
better than good ebening for sure 😃

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Pep Guardiola is not only intelligent manager but wiser and clever 😂 i love the man and his managing style. He really impact his team and its part of him already.

I didn't realize there were two separate teams. I thought there was just one Manchester team. This is all very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

The two Manchester teams hate each other as it has always been over who is better. Manchester City have always been the poor neighbors, but not any more and that is one derby I love to watch. I can understand why you thought there was only one team as most United fans would love to believe that as City has dominated them for around 5 years now or maybe longer and possibly will carry on for another 5 or 10.

I love the angle from which you approached this and I quite agree with you. A coach is more respected when he builds his own team from players who were not all in the limelight and that team soars. Liverpool was at the verge of becoming a mediocre club when Klopp took over and see what they've become today.

I feel there are two types of manager. One that creates a system that to put in place on a consistent basis and another that is a tactician that can adjust the system based on the opponent. He has shown he isn't very good at the ladder but is possibly one of, if not the greatest of all time at the system. That's why he wins domestic leagues with ease. His system is second to none. Only the odd great tactician can best his system. But, in the champions league, when the competition is the best of the best, tacticians come about more. This is why he only has one Champions League. And he won that with possibly the greatest team ever. Sir Alex Ferguson said as much. The best team he ever saw go out onto the pitch were the Barcelona teams that beat him in the 2009 and 2011 finals. Jury is out for me whether Pep is a good enough tactician to beat someone else's system.

I do agree with you as he knows what player he needs and gets them and works with their strengths. I only bought this up as his current team has injuries and was playing players out of position and he was found out. Some of his decisions are questionable these days and was thinking if he had a small budget team he wouldn't do well.

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No doubt he’s always had the resources wherever he’s gone but he does deliver the results where other managers/clubs with similar spending have failed.

The real mark of success for him at City would be to win the Champions League.

By comparison you could look at what Eddie Howe has achieved at Bournemouth. I guess the question is could Pep achieve that and could Howe win all the trophies that Pep has if you were to swap their roles? Perhaps the real question is how do you measure success?

He is and will continue to be one of the best managers in the world

Yes and no.

He's undoubtedly a great coach. Even with talented players, he's improved them and made his teams very good.

However, I don't believe he's cut out to be the kind of manager to stick around when things get tough. Just look at his antics since we (Liverpool) are back in the frame. Klopp is well and truly in his head.