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The Premier League unlike other leagues in Europe doesn't take a break and does quite the opposite. games come thick and fast and multiple games are played every week gluing fans to the television screens consuming their beers. This is the tradition and the English way for a crazy 3 week period. I lived it and looked forward to it and why the festive period is a bumper sports period for Sky as it gets plenty of customers paying for things they shouldn't.

I used to hate the way the television coverage works if you are living there knowing what everyone else is getting around the world. On a Saturday in South Africa every game is live and is part of your normal package and the same for Sunday. Living in the UK you are lucky if you see more than one game live in the Premiership and only one on Sunday as well.

The truth is that of you want to watch a certain team you have to buy a season ticket for the television and many obviously do. This is why the clubs make so much money from television revenue these days. A fan who goes to all the home games at the stadium can now see all the away fixtures by paying a little extra and not having to travel.
The TV coverage is already bringing in more than 1 Billion per year excluding the pay per view from the UK and Hong Kong. These countries get all 380 games live and pay a faction of the cost compared to what the UK viewers have to pay.

Personally I don't think it is sustainable as more and more people will find ways of viewing these broadcasts for free and at some point there has to be a tipping point where more are watching for free than actually paying for it. Take away a huge percentage of the television revenue and the salaries of the players can no longer be justified.

I am one of the viewers who refuses to pay for something that I feel should be part of the package already. Sky is a broadcaster who is their to make sure the viewers are entertained and are just milking everyone for whatever they can. I don't think it is right to have the extra pay per view events on top of your normal subscription.
The only pay per view event I have ever paid for. I refuse to pay for something that I am already paying for and see it as a big con. If everyone had the same attitude it would be free.

Boxing was the first sport to bring it in and for certain fights I did pay the $9.99 as they were top notch fights I wanted to see and not miss out. saying that the quality of fights they have stuck on pay per view recently I would never pay for as most of them are failed journeymen and have to sell the fight by being controversial and not relying on boxing alone. In South Africa the fights are all free so the two main countries who bought in this system are the only ones paying for it. No other country will get viewers to pay for an event that should be included already and the viewers that are paying just need to view the coverage via internet television.
There are loads of others as well. last weekend the Formula One wasn't a great feed so I moved on using the app below and watched it in high definition which was rather good.

The internet has bought many changes to our lives and it is what is going to stop pay per view events over time. The coverage I had for the Champions League final this year was by far better than what was on the local television here as I was watching a different broadcaster and that is the reality.

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I think I did Pay Per View for an MMA fight one time and it was probably the last time I would ever do it. I thought it was going to be really awesome, but it just wasn't worth the money. I think you would be much better off just going to a bar and letting them pay the fee. Then you just drink and enjoy yourself. If the event is a bust, you still had a great time with your friends.