"Peacock" a five minute freewrite

This #freewrite was written in five minutes using @mariannewest’s prompt:



Ned Peacock was the kind of man you didn't argue with.

Not because he was threatening, intimidating or aggressive, but because he never really held an opinion, and those he did hold shifted like dry sand depending on who he was talking to.

"I hate this weather," Old man Shifty said, holding a handkerchief to his neck to mop up the sweat. "Don't you?"

"Hmmmm," Peacock said, noncommittally.

"I think it's great," Ma Glips said waving a fan in her rather podgy hand. "Couldn't be hot enough for me to complain, don't you think so, Ned?"

"Hmmm," Ned said.

"What weather do you prefer, Ned?" Old man Shifty said, winking at Ma Glips. "Do you like snow and ice, or sunshine and heat?"

Ned paused for a moment as if considering the question carefully.

"I like both," he said.

As usual I wrote the freewrite in five minutes using themostdangerouswritingapp.com and then copied and pasted it into a googledoc, tied it up a bit.
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People like Ned are exhausting I am glad I have no Ned around.

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I couldn't stop picturing @ned the whole time reading. Lol, seems appropriate!

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